Christmas Shopping Is Here

I just noticed that I took a couple photos the other day that I had not posted. Now how did that happen.

I was at PriceSmart and they have a pool table that they don’t normally have. It is obviously here for Christmas. The price looks good. Wish I had a room to put it in.

I also noticed that the pumpkins have been moved and one was turned into a jack-o-lantern. Again, this is not a normal vegetable in David.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Is Here

  1. Is pool popular in David? I used to be in the vending business I had over 50 coin operated pool tables. I had some really cool pics of Tico Costa Rican tables from a local distributor in San Jose. TOP of the Line!

  2. There are a lot of billiard bars in David and throughout Chiriquí. I haven’t seen any that I would particularly care to frequent, however.

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