Chiriquí Chatter Photo Albums

I use a product called Coppermine for the home of the Chiriquí Chatter photo albums.

It is organized by year and within year by album. The navigation of Coppermine is not the most intuitive. The 2006-year has flowed over into the second page of albums and they are easily overlooked.

I just thought I would mention that in case you hadn’t spent too much time in the photo albums. Many of the photos that are in the blog are in the photo album, but in a larger format. In case someone would like a particular photo in the native form, which is pretty large, all you have to do is ask. I have no problem sending you one as long as it is not going to be used for commercial purposes.

The albums also have photos that are not contained in the blog. Some albums contained too many photos and what appeared in the blog was a subset. I also have an album of photos I took on a trip to Lima Peru. Enjoy.

There is a tab on the blog to the photo albums and a tab in the photo albums to the blog.

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