Mystery Illness In Panama Update

For those interested in the latest information on the problem plaguing those that depend on the Social Security for medicine, here is the latest from the Associated Press.

Contaminated Medicine Kills 34 in Panama
Oct 27, 7:27 PM (ET)


PANAMA CITY, Panama (AP) – First comes nausea and diarrhea. Then the facial muscles relax, followed by kidney failure, paralysis and often death. It’s a medical crisis in Panama, where contaminated cough syrup, antihistamine tablets, calamine lotion and rash ointment have killed 34 people since July. More than 40 others have been hospitalized, at least half in critical condition.

The government has recalled 24 types of medication produced by Panama’s national health system, suspended production at all government pharmaceutical factories and even gone door-to-door to issue warnings and collect contaminated products.
But people keep dying.

“We are facing a crisis,” said David Abrego, director of a government clinic evaluating hundreds of people who fear being poisoned. “The people are apprehensive. There’s a lot of tension and nervousness.”…

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Illness In Panama Update

  1. They say that 90,000 people a year die from staff infections picked up in American Hospitals, when they went in for other reasons.

  2. I wonder if that number is on the rise or the decline. I guess another question would be what percentage of the whole that went to the hospitals that is. It would also be interesting to know how Panama compares.

    One thing about the US is that it is easier to find this type of information. Panama is much less automated and I would bet that the information is less available.

    I think that many problems here get relegated to not being a problem unless it becomes a news item such as the current one has become.

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