Ahhh, What A Day!

Yesterday, I finally was able to go up to Cerro Punta and visit my good friend Jerry. Seeing where Jerry is living sent pangs of envy running through my veins. I hope he is able to have houseguests once in a while. I am afraid I may need a Cerro Punta fix every now and then.

I got off from David behind schedule and didn’t stop to take some of the photos I would have like to have taken. However, I did take photos after I arrived at Jerry’s house.

The first photo is looking from the front of Jerry’s lawn looking toward the small town of Guadalupe. The plants that you see between the small house and me are potato plants.

Looking a little to the left and across the road is a beautiful horse farm. The surrounding mountains create a morning view that I can only imagine.

This photo is the land to the left of Jerry’s house. It amazes me to see the crop cultivation running up the hillside.

Turning around from where I took the last three photos, you see Jerry’s house. The windows on the top floor is where Jerry has his PC and when he is on the Internet, he is looking at what you saw in the first two photos, only at a higher level.

We all spent an enjoyable lunch, consisting of fresh local vegetables, wonderful mashed potatoes, pork chops with a sauce to die for, a tomato salad with fresh farm made cheese and cheesecake with fresh strawberries for dessert. Jerry needs to be careful. I could get used to that! No photos – I was too busy!

When I left Jerry’s house, I continued down the road into Guadalupe. I parked by a row of small stands and this is a photo facing into Guadalupe.

Across the street was a flower nursery containing almost any flower you can imagine. Here are a couple photos of flowers that I thought were really pretty.

Here are a couple of the little shops beside where I had parked.

This is the cute young lady that had just sold me a loaf of strawberry bread and banana bread.

This is the hillside behind the previous stand.

This is the road facing back toward Jerry’s house.

Before heading back to Cerro Punta, I stopped at a little shop and bought a strawberry and fresh cream dessert. Sorry, I got distracted and there is no photo.

I did take this photo of the little girl and here sister that sold the dessert to me. Cute aren’t they!

As I was heading toward Cerro Punta, I came across this large field that was being worked. What amazed me was that there were several workers using ordinary garden equipment on the field. While you are looking at these photos, look at how rich this soil is. No wonder that Chiriquí is the breadbasket of Panama.

I know this is hard to see, but at the far end of this field in the right center, is a tractor. I was relieved to see that not all of this work had been done by hand.

This is another view shot looking a little higher over the field at the mountainside. Notice how much of the mountainside is under cultivation, and it obviously wasn’t done with a tractor.

What a great time I had. Jerry, in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “I VILL BE BACK.”

6 thoughts on “Ahhh, What A Day!

  1. Hola Don, Great pictures! This is one our favorite areas in Panama. My wife and I were amazed at the side of the mountain farming the first time we visited there. We fly down next Tuesday. Will be staying in Nuevo Suizo (by Bambito on the way to Cerro Punta) by the 21st. We are looking at buying an acreage in the area so then you’ll have another place to visit. Do you plan to go the the fair in Volcan the end of November?


  2. Dear Don Ray,

    You have also touched my heart with these pictures. I spent my childhood in that area and there are no words to describe the scenery printed on my mind. The pink rose is so meaningful to our family: My Mom planted a beautiful one like that. When for health reasons she couldn´t go to Cerro Punta anymore, my Dad (now 92 and fine), frequently brought her one of the roses from her plant. Your rose reminds me of my smiling Mom, giving a thank you kiss to my Dad.

    Thanks again,


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