Fruit Is For Wearing

When I was in El Rey yesterday, they had a display of designer dresses form a contest that El Rey had held in Panama City (I think). They will probably be on exhibit for several days, but in case you can’t go by El Rey here are the photos I took yesterday. I took a photo of the information that was placed by each dress and it will appear before the associated dress. I will leave the translation up to you. I will point out one thing and that is that there are two types of bananas in Panama. The small bananas are called guineo and the larger are called banano.

This is the first place winner. It was based on Pineapple.

by Horatio Prado.

The second dress is based on Pineapple, watermelon and small bananas and created by Helen Brebaart.

The next is pretty cute and based on a large banana and was created by Jurandir Oliveria.

This one is based on a watermelon and created by Alexandra Grau.

This one is based on a pineapple and created by Paola Marín.

This one won second place and is based on a watermelon and created by Edda González.

This one is based on a small banana and created by Anabelle Quintero.

Here is a strawberry creation created by Irma Casís.

Realizing that all the designs were based on fruits, I thought they were berry berry interesting.

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  1. Hi Don:

    Thanks for the fashion show. After all, there are several interesting designs which any pretty Panamanian would like to exhibit. Still there are others that would be great to wear on a Halloween evening.

    Great job, Mr. Ambassador of David.

    Best regards,


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