The Vote For The Big Dig

The vote is today for the expansion of the Canal. Voting in Panama is a very serious thing both for referendums such as today’s and for governmental offices. All sides fiercely try to get their vote out. It is interesting that they shut down all alcohol sales midnight before the voting offices open. No alcohol will be sold all day.

My expectation is for the “Yes” vote to carry. I think expanding the Canal is something that should happen, but I am not sure that all costs are accurately forecast or all ecological effects are understood. My gut tells me that it will take longer to build than forecast and cost more than is forecast and there will be more ecological effect than forecast.

None the less this is an historic day in Panama. 6:00 PM will be an anxious time for many today.

The vote was a landslide. 79% yes to 20% no. I drove by a voting location in David, but there wasn’t many people there. I have since read that the turnout was low.

11 thoughts on “The Vote For The Big Dig

  1. I think it will be awesome for History to repeat again…the eight wonder of the world… deja vu all over again. But this time a whole lot less Deaths involved.

  2. Who are the contractors for the project or have they gotten that far yet? I heard the Chinese are interested.

  3. I don’t think the contractors have been identified. I think many in the international community will want to get a piece of the action, including the US.

  4. Hi Don Ray,

    Good for Panama!! Maybe I’ll “retire” to Panama earlier to look for work there. I’d love to have “worked on the canal” on my work history. haha

    I hope the vote being a “landslide” is NOT repeated in the actual project! Too much of that in the first dig.

  5. Side Question: Hey Don I have been doing Fly Overs with Google Earth around Panama, What is going on with the Old American Forts and Bases in and around PC? I counted like 4 of them? Are they being used and for what?

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