So You Think You Might Want To Have Your Own Blog

I have had people tell me in the past that they might like to write a Blog, but they don’t feel capable of managing all the PC technology. I tell them that there isn’t much technology involved and if they want a hobby or a way to keep up with remote family, they should try it.

WordPress has a free Blog system that is very similar to what I use for Chiriquí Chatter. I have started another Blog. Beneath The Baru. and I put it on the free version of WordPress.

I am going to try to write some simple instructions that should give you a start, if you are interested in trying your hand at blogging.

11 thoughts on “So You Think You Might Want To Have Your Own Blog

  1. Since computers are my hobby, I found configuring WordPress on my web host to be an interesting and rewarding experience. Thanks to you, I’ve continued to progress the blog (e.g., look and feel is based on Misty Look after I liked it on your blog).

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I don’t like the Yahoo Blogs. Others might. There are many free Blogging sites out there, MS Spaces. AOL Blogs, Live Journal, Blogger, WordPress, My Spaces and on and on.

    Of them all I like My Spaces the least. What a bunch of trash. No wonder the kids like it. A My Spaces site looks like a child’s bedroom. I have a My Space, but only to keep up with my grandkids.

    I haven’t seen any that equal WordPress.

  3. Having a yahoo blog myself, i can relate that although they aren’t the best…setting one up is very, very easy to do. Sort of like canned biscuits which I loathe but my favorite uncle cooked them up and named them Step-mammie biscuits as a joke and I always enjoyed them in his company. But the redeeming quality is the ease of connectivity to others from 360. Like Chiriqui Chatter being on my blogroll. For someone who has extremely limited time it works (PLUS my son is an engineer on the 360 design team at yahoo) what can I say? Momma bear loves her cub! However I fully intend to visit Don Ray’s OTHER blog and set up a genuine self made version in the future. (or at least a step by step paint by number version)

  4. Actually Yahoo 360 is not that bad and it does have a good social connectivity capability.

    The absolute worst social blogging system is My Space. I hate it. I actually loathe it. I cringe every time I enter My Space.

    Why go there you ask? Well that is what my grand kids use and my daughter uses it too because she wants to make sure that all that goes on in their spaces is proper.

    I approve of here reasoning and because they are there, I am there too. My recommendation is use ANYTHING but My Space.

  5. >I built a mega Yahoo Web page on GEO cities and when Blogs came out never really felt the need for a personal blog since my web page did all the same stuff really. I like Yahoo…I really don’t understand the Google Hype, I REALLY like Google Earth and Google Video but thats about it, to me Yahoo beats them all!

  6. Hello Don;
    Thought I should let you know that you have inspired me to create a blog of my own. We’re part time vacationer/owners in Valle Escondido and have always had trouble keeping up with what’s going on in the development. I’m attempting to solve the problem with my blog now that there are enough people living there to make a difference. I’m writing to warn you that I have included chiriquichatter in the blogroll. My blog is for a specific audience of the 60 to 200 residents in VE, but I think your information and comments are pertinent to all. Hope you don’t mind.

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