BOOKMARK Gets Ready For The Holidays

BOOKMARK in Dolega

I received an email from Hal at the BOOKMARK this morning. As you probably remember from my previous post, Hal has enlarged the BOOKMARK to provide more space to exhibit the books better. As Hal has noticed, it has been a while since I have been to the BookMark and I am running a little short of reading material. It is on my “To Do” list to get up there.

I am sure that Hal will be happy to know that I have a copy of the new Grisham book that will be coming in another month. When I finish it I will let Hal have it so others here in Chiriquí can read it.

For English language books, Hal has no real competition. And if you are real lucky, you may go when he has some avocados. His email follows:


Finally got all my shelves in, whew, but we are still rearranging the store. Hoping to get ceiling in new section before end of November. Would like to see the place looking good for the holidays. Stop by and have a look when you are heading up to the fancy restaurants, etc. in Boquete. Still get customers stopping in, who read about store in Chatter.


Don’t worry Hal. I will get by one day soon and see the progress you have made and take a few photos.

4 thoughts on “BOOKMARK Gets Ready For The Holidays

  1. Speaking of bookstores…my husband and I are avid readers. While living in Nicaragua, we often yearned for a good English bookstore. We read everything available in English on Ometepe Island. When friends and family from the states came to visit us, they asked what we wanted them to bring and we replied, “Books, chocolate, and peanut butter.” Well, I now have a solution ready for when we move to Panama.

    Tennessee has an online registry for all Tennessee libraries. I can download thousands of e-books, CDs, and audio books. All I need to do is insert my library card number and then I can choose 8 books to download for two weeks. It’s wonderful! The only problem is that when I read a book, I really like to have the feel of a real book in my hands. But, when the books I want to read aren’t available in Panama, then I can read online. My library card is good forever. Since I don’t have to have a real location to check-out e-books, I can live anywhere and still access the libraries in Tennessee.

    I’ve seen a Sony e-reader for about $300. It is about the size of a book, but it still has some modifications that I need before I would spend money to buy it.

    So now, it will be happy reading in Panama! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you are fixed up. For me, it is a short drive up to Dolega and Hal has more books than i could ever think of reading. Low tech, but low cost.

  3. Hi! This used book store idea is something I’ve always thought of doing here in Panama City, I haven’t really found anything like what I have in mind and the country is in urgent need of literary salvation! Everything would be better if everyone had a good book in their hands, or at least easy access to one. So… any tips to get started?

  4. I would imagine the keey is low overhead and trust worthy help. Hal runs his place with only one other person.

    Getting books to Panama in an efficient and inexpensive manner would be a necessity also.

    If you contact my via email, I will send you Hal’s email address. I am sure he has a lot of lessons learned over the years.

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