Another Jam

Fragata has become one of my favorite jams that I purchase at El Rey. It is produced in Spain and extremely good. I like all flavors with maybe the exception of “Lemon”. It is too acid for me.

I noticed the other day that El Rey had a new diet flavor so I picked it up. I must watch my figure don’t you know!

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  1. I lived in Japan, ages ago – 1953-1956, ( and while there it was the time-honored custom to use human waste (fermented) as a fertilizer on the fields of everything grown and eaten. For that reason, we were told not to eat anything (period) sold as food but we did without any appparent harm. Nowadays, here in the states as you know, most food sold is somehow measured for things that make people sick. If it passes then we can see it in stores in jars and cans and we buy it with some confidence and eat it. With the recent spinnach scare and deaths related to its not being free of whatever the bugs are, I wondered if Panama does the same. I like the looks of the jar of Strawberry jam and that is why I asked.

  2. I think the local foodstuffs from the Chiriquí province are pretty high quality. They are very proud of the beef here. It is leaner than is typical in the US and therefore a little tougher, but it does have a good flavor. Vegetables are first rate with the exception of corn. I don’t know why you can’t get good corn here, but you can’t.

    I try to stick with the local products if I can. The cost is much cheaper. I like Bonlac ice cream. I think it is first rate. A half-gallon of vanilla will be $3.00 at PriceSmart. Compared to Brayer’s from the US being about $8.00 for a little less than a half-gallon. Or you can buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s for $5.50 or so.

    In the US you see imported sections in the super markets with gourmet foods. You find the same food here, but it is a part of all shelves.

    Seafood products are plentiful here and good quality.

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