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I mentioned the other day that I was interested in having come cards made. It seems like more and more I am out and when people find out that I write Chiriquí Chatter, they ask if I have a card. I always say no and write out the URL. I finally decided to solve that problem and have some cards made.

I asked around and ARTE Grafico was recommended. It is just across from Parque de las Madres on Ave. Obaldia. I went in and talked to Ellery Espinosa and told him I wanted something that presented the look and feel of the Chiriquí Chatter web site. I gave him the URL for the site and told him to send me some samples to choose from.

He sent me the following four possible choices. The first two examples/styles are in full color. The third example is style 1 in two color. The last example is style 1 in black and white. There was a big price difference for full color and not much difference in two color and black and white.

I went with the two colors. I thought that Ellery did a very good job in translating what I wanted into a card. Here is a photo of Ellery working at his Apple. Ellery uses PhotoShop and is really a wizard with it.

Here is the cute receptionist (Yamileth Mitre) that you will meet you when you enter ARTE Grafico. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have her pose.

13 thoughts on “ARTE Grafico S.A. – David

  1. Thank you Melissa. Now if I could get a make over as easily.

    Welcome back from your travels. Did you bring me any of that Argentinean wine?

  2. Don,

    I like the second one from the top. It is less cluttered and more balanced than the others. By separating your URL and e-mail address from the town and province it gives it a more airy and balanced look. Jeez it sounds like I am reviewing a wine or something! You’re doing a good job. Carry on.

  3. Too late Dave. I have my initial order.

    You do have a good point. I discounted it because I thought it had too much white space. However, if I put the colored bar under the photo, it would have probably been better. I will remember that, If I need to order another batch.

    Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment.

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