Close-Up Of Farmer’s Market

Back in June, I took this photo of a farmer’s market that is close to me.

Today, I needed some vegetables so I took more photos of the same market.

Take a look at these papayas. They were enormous.

Here you have chayote on the left and yucca on the right.

Here are tomatoes, potatoes, onions and something I don’t remember.

Obviously these are peppers.

They had several bags of different types of beans and corn.

Here you can see some fresh eggs bagged up on several of the sacks of beans.

This is fresh ginger. Remember this makes an excellent tea for a cold. But too much will act as a laxative. Behind the ginger are some pineapples.

They like beats a lot here. They use them many times in potato salad. This is one vegetable I can do without.

Remember the pumpkins I took photos of at PriceSmart? Well these are Panamanian Calabasas. Similar but different.

They had several types of citrus products.

I talked to the fellow that ran the market and asked him where he received the produce. He walked around and pointed and said this comes from Changuinola, this comes from Boquete, this comes from Bugaba. Of course, I don’t remember which came from where, but it was all local to Chiriquí.with the exception of the products from Changuinola.

2 thoughts on “Close-Up Of Farmer’s Market

  1. The food we all eat makes trips tourists would die for. And most of us here in Ohio eat produce grown everywhere but around here. I don’t know why except that there are few locals growing enough of anything to sell to local stores. The big stores buy from all over the world but seldom locally. I did read, this morning, that Panama is making people sick with cough syrup and some have died from taking it? Don’t know the details.

  2. Hi Abe. People here eat what is produced here, if they want a low cost product. If they want to buy products outside of Panama, then they are going to have to pay a lot more.

    I don’t think that all the facts are in yet regarding the cough syrup. Any way it winds up the social security here has some serious questions to answer.

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