Café Don Sui Lunch Today

I got out of the doctor’s office a little after 12:00 and wanting to keep things simple, I decided to got to Café Don Sui for lunch.

I always enjoy my time there and today was no exception.

I don’t know if it was for my benefit or not, but after I arrived they changed the TV channel to CNN in English. They always take care of me. I went in thinking I would have what I normally have, but when I heard the special for the day, I changed my mind. Today’s special was cream of potato soup and Pork in a red sauce with fried rice and plantain.

Here is a photo of the potato soup. It had a good flavor with some onion, but they make theirs completely creamy. There are no chunks of potato or bacon and cheese as there are in TGI Fridays. None the less it tasted very good and I was satisfied.

Here is the rest of the meal. This is a portion that would be normal for restaurants here. It was just the right amount and I was full when I was done. It tasted great, but the best part is the cost. It was $2.75 for the special. With the 25% jubliado discount it came to $2.06. Now you can’t beat that with a stick. That is why I keep returning.

I know you must think I do nothing but eat, but today I decided to take the photos just so you could see Panamanian sized portions. I think they are much healthy than the oversized portions that you get used to in the US. Everyone has eaten “super sized” so long that his or her bodies have become super sized as well. I lost 50 pounds before I moved to Panama and have maintained my weight since.

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  1. Re: About music while dining out

    Recently I went with some friends up to the Cerro Punta area. We stopped at the trout fishing farm at Bambito. We purchased a couple of rainbows and took them to the nearly restaurant, Parrilla Estilo Argentino. While we waited for the lady to prepare the fish we listened to some Big Band, Glenn Miller type music.

    The fish cost $1.65/pound. The restaurant charged $4 per plate for fixing it. Had we ordered off the menu the plate would have been about $6.50. Doing it this way we knew the fish was fresh.


  2. Interesting! I will have to remember that. I am thinking about driving up to Cerro Punta tomorrow.

    Thanks for stopping in John. Don’t forget you can get Glenn Miller on Pandora.

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