Sometimes I Get Absorbed

I know most of the people that come here expect to find something that is Panama related, Chiriquí related, or at least something that could possibly be interesting. However, sometimes I seem to get absorbed in a project and before I know it, time has just slipped away. This searching for the new look for Chiriquí Chatter that appeals to me and hopefully to those that take the time to drop in is one such something.

WordPress being as flexible as it is causes it to be one of the best supported blogging engines. When they added widgets, it really made making changes to the sidebar a piece of cake. It is probably because it is so well supported that it has such a large user base and a large user base has allowed it to have an enormous number of themes to chose from. The ones I am putting up are the ones that I thought had potential for me.

I really like the colors of the current theme with the maple leaf. My only difficulty with it is that it suggests autumn and Panama never has an autumn. It is summer here year round. See, I did manage to make this post Panama related. Thinking about autumn made me think perhaps it was appropriate for me because while I live in a summer climate, I have to admit that I have passed my summer and have moved into the early stages of autumn. When I start thinking like that, I unusually will start being pestered by a poem that is begging to be written. Don’t worry, it hasn’t hit me yet as I am still hooked on the new blog design.

I am not taking the time to fully implement the current themes because it may require me to go alter a piece of code here or there. When I decide that I have one that is as good as it can be and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, then I will insure that all the functionality is implemented.

Keep checking in often or you may miss the opportunity to cast your opinion on the theme you really prefer. I hope to get it down to two or three and then I will let them have a runoff.

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