Looking Where We Have Been And Where We Are Going

The search for a new theme for Chiriquí Chatter will take some time. This post is going to provide the planned journey from the first to the last. I decided to post this roadmap, because it is going to be easy for you to miss one, I am going to provide you an image of the theme and if you click on the image, it will let you go to a test area to give it a better look.

While you can use this post to cast your vote, I still want to put each theme online for a day or so. Sometimes you have to live with something for a little while because what you though of as beauty or style or class may turn out to be irritating in the long run.

The first theme I tried was Tarski It is the only one I don’t have an image of, but you can click on the name to look at it on the development site.

I liked the way it is designed behind the scenes. I have to admit that it is a little too white for me, but it still grows on me.

The next one I put up was Crimson Sunrise. You may not have seen it as I didn’t leave it up long.

Then came Dark Maple

The rest follow in this order:

Dark Fire


Follow Me

Green River

In The Light


Painted Desert

Retro Flowers



Feel free to make any comments you feel like on these as possible new themes.

16 thoughts on “Looking Where We Have Been And Where We Are Going

  1. Hi Don:

    I’ll tell you my opinion right now. I love the Dark Maple. Wow! I’ve been looking and my eyes are just glued to the leaves. Perhaps there’s a Canadian in the family.

    My vote for First Place: Dark Maple
    First Runner Up: Painted Desert

    Thanks Don for giving us such beautiful themes.

    Best regards,


  2. I don’t really care which template you use. Your writing and information is what counts. I think that you could use the ugliest template and I’d still read your blog every day. Thanks for allowing us to have a choice. It’s your decision. 🙂

  3. Debbie, what a nice comment. I think you have made my day. This may be a waste of time for everyone except me, but I want an attractive and friendly site that is inviting. Themes are considered eye candy. I am afraid my writing is going to remain amateurish, so the least I can do is to add some other enticement.

  4. Omar, I lean toward the colors in the ones you chose as well. WordPress has almost too many themes to chose from. However, sometimes I need to create a little extra work for myself. The theme that I am currently on is a little dark for me.

  5. Just please not dark fire….almost unreadable. But well dark fire did motivate me to comment. My vote is dark maple or something with color. when you used the crimson sunrise, or maybe it was the misty look at first I thought my computer was loading in some sort of safe mode, kind of like when you switch an email to *printable view* and it looses all it’s character.

  6. That is what I needed to place the next theme up. I just wanted to get some reaction other than mine. Your wish is my command. The next theme is forth coming.

  7. Hi Diane,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Some are more easily managed than others. I will have to take that into consideration as well. Hopefully what ever winds up being the winner will be liked by all.

  8. Darn! We’ve been traveling here to Panama, but I didn’t think it had been very long since I checked in last. I’ve missed all this change. I have to admit, I don’t like all this white. I like the dark maple, but read that it is not easy for you. Colors and themes are always hard for me to pick out. If it was music, it would be so much easier. Have I thanked you yet for telling us about Pandora? My husband and I love it.

  9. Actually, Dark Maple worked fine. It was Dark Fire that failed the test as well as the last three. The one that has the most function was the first I put up – Tarski. It is pretty white, but its functionality keeps it in the running. If I like it the best, I will spend some time on the colors.

    Thanks for leaving a comment and I am happy to hear that Pandora is working out for you. Oh yes — Welcome to Panama.

  10. You have a blog I just cant stay away from !!
    “Its the content that counts”
    I like the new About Me widget, & the The WeatherPixie please keep both of these in future themes, I find theme very eye catching

    I hope you can change this line
    from time to time or as time permits so the readers could enjoy different scenes of Chiriqui

    The thought just crossed my mind that you are not posting your page hits as this number would not fit on a standard crt

    Just might have to download wordpress and check out all the possibilities


  11. Thanks for the comment on the two added widgets. Your comment about my number of hits not fitting on a standard crt is a riot. I have a fair number of faithful readers, but far less than you think.

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