Changing Antivirus Software

While I have been occupying myself looking at new potential themes for Chiriquí Chatter, Norton started nagging me to purchase their software. I had installed the Norton package when I rebuilt my PC and I had a free trial with the motherboard. I just hate being nagged and today, I decided to remove it. It fought me all the way, but I was up to the challenge and after a struggle, I got it removed.

As a replacement I had seen that AOL was getting into the security game and was currently offering a security suite for free. A while back I installed the AOL Security Monitor after Marie wrote about it on Disarranging Mine. It had worked pretty good and had periodically notified me when my antivirus software (Norton) was out of date or my spy ware needed new definitions.

Since I had been happy with the AOL’ Security Monitor (free), I decided to give their new security suite a try. It downloaded and installed without a hitch. I think it will be free until they decide they have enough people on it to start vending it in competition with Microsoft’s Live One care, which has a 90-day free trial.

Keeping with my philosophy of “free isn’t a bad price”, I now have the new AOL suite installed. McAfee is providing the antivirus portion, so it can’t be that bad and like I said the price is right.

It has been over 18 months now since I have paid anything for security software and I am getting used to it. This is almost as good as having a PC with Linux or an Apple PC. Well, maybe not as good as an Apple.

4 thoughts on “Changing Antivirus Software

  1. Ah Marie. Always the source of new information. My motherboard provides me with the firewall, so I haven’t been using Zone Alarm.

    This new AOL suite looks pretty sweet. And for the price it currently beats AVG.

  2. Don Ray,

    I’ve moved all my machines to F-prot. The Linux client is no charge, and the Windows client (for home users) may be used on up to 5 computers in the same home. The charge is $29.00, and they do give you a 30-day trial too.

  3. I tried F-Prot. I am still in my “How long can I run for free Mode”. I don’t plan on buying until after Vista is out. I am not confident that there won’t be problems converting, and if I have nothing invested, I can buy whatever I want.

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