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Today at lunch time I decided to try TGI Friday’s one more time. I figured that it had been several days and probably the work process should be smoothing out. So today two of us revisited TGI Friday’s. I am really glad I did, because today I had a completely different opinion of the restaurant and how well it will do. I have to admit that the last time I went, I was a little concerned about the viability of such a restaurant in David. Today, that concern disappeared.

Let me share part of my drink with you and I will explain why I changed my opinion. Here is a photo of the drink for the day. It is sort of a virgin piñacolada but it also had some banana in it. It was extremely good. Shoot, I was having such a good time, I didn’t even mind that it was without alcohol.

Ok, now for the economics part of my lunch today. As the two of us looked at the menu, we decided on the Jack Daniel’s Tower. We asked the waitress, another sweet young thing, if she thought an order would be enough for two. She said she thought it would. So that was what we ordered. When it came, we were glad that we hadn’t ordered more. I had forgotten how much people eat in the US. I have gotten completely accustomed to Panama portions. This tower is enough for three Panama portions. The cost of the tower was somewhere around $13.00. Now for one person here that would be an enormous amount, but for 2 or 3 it becomes much more reasonable. As I think back, half of one of the hamburgers would be more than the typical hamburgers here and the quality is much higher. Here is a photo of the Jack Daniel’s tower.

The top layer is obviously fried shrimp. There were nice sized and very tasty. I asked and they brought out some tarter sauce. I need something with my shrimp.

The second layer was pork ribs with a large slice of fresh pineapple on top. They were extremely good and the Jack Daniel’s sauce was good also. They renewed my hope of having good ribs in David, because I had them today. My experience in Panama Bill’s was such a disappointment.

The bottom layer was a lettuce and chicken strip platter. It also was great! With all three layers, I left with one full tummy.

I had a great time and the service was very good. They showed a large amount of improvement over my first visit. Here are the folks that waited on me today. They were going to give me their names, but they forgot to give them to me. At any rate, drop in and share a meal. I enjoyed mine.

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  1. Hey Don Ray,
    We finally made it to TGI Friday’s on – what a surprise – Friday night! We have to say, we enjoyed the meal and the service immensely.
    We started by ordering glasses of the house red wine – a nice, dry offering which was the same price as a local beer!?! Wonder how long that will last?
    I ordered a ‘sizzling’ shrimp dish on rice – the shrimp was good, but the rice was oddly greasy. Hmmmm. The Husband ordered the filet mignon and he judged it the BEST he’s had in quite some time. The two medallions of filet were cooked exactly to order (just slightly more than medium) and were covered with a butter/mushroom concoction that was to die for! Along with a baked potato with sufficient sour cream & a veggie medley – yummy. I enjoyed his dinner more than my own!
    The service was good – not overpowering. They had enough staff on hand to cover the crowd, and a crowd it was. We had our doubts that TGIF’s prices and products would suit Davidenos/Chiricanos – glad to be proved wrong.
    Our dinners (after Jubilado) with wine came in at $24.
    Thumbs up!
    Linda & Stan

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. What you had sounds wonderful. I guess I will have to pur that on my “Must Eat” list. I am glad to hear that they had a crowd on a Friday night. I looks like it is going to be the “in” place to go.

  3. Don Ray,

    Did they ever take your advice and post their menu outside? The story about the family with the excited boys who left because of the high prices was very sad. It must have been very hard for the father to disappoint them like that.

  4. No, they didn’t put a menu outside. It probably doesn’t matter any more since word gets around in a small town pretty quick.

    Thanks for stopping in Anne.

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