The Innocent Man

One of my favorite authors (John Grisham) has a new book coming out on October 10. This book is a non-fiction book and is described as exploring a small town justice gone awry. Since it takes place in southeast Oklahoma around Ada, it will go on my “Must Be Read” list. I wonder who I know in Oklahoma that I can convince to bring me a paperback copy on their next trip to Panama? 🙂

Here is an excerpt from the book.

The Innocent Man
The rolling hills of southeast Oklahoma stretch from Norman across to Arkansas and show little evidence of the vast deposits of crude oil that were once beneath them. Some old rigs dot the countryside; the active ones churn on, pumping out a few gallons with each slow turn and prompting a passerby to ask if the effort is really worth it. Many have simply given up, and sit motionless amid the fields as corroding reminders of the glory days of gushers and wildcatters and instant fortunes.

There are rigs scattered through the farmland around Ada, an old oil town of sixteen thousand with a college and a county courthouse. The rigs are idle, though—the oil is gone. Money is now made in Ada by the hour in factories and feed mills and on pecan farms.

Downtown Ada is a busy place. There are no empty or boarded-up buildings on Main Street. The merchants survive, though much of their business has moved to the edge of town. The cafés are crowded at lunch.

The Pontotoc County Courthouse is old and cramped and full of lawyers and their clients. Around it is the usual hodgepodge of county buildings and law offices. The jail, a squat, windowless bomb shelter, was for some forgotten reason built on the courthouse lawn. The methamphetamine scourge keeps it full.

Main Street ends at the campus of East Central University, home to four thousand students, many of them commuters. The school pumps life into the community with a fresh supply of young people and a faculty that adds some diversity to southeastern Oklahoma.

8 thoughts on “The Innocent Man

  1. Well, Thanks now I have another book to get.

    I hope you can get all sorts of books in Panama. My wife and I are thinking about moving there in three years. Life is the US is getting too hard and expensive. I am saying this realizing that we would be considered very well off up here.

    We are looking at Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. So far because of the Pensionare Program, Panama is looking really good.

    We will come down in February for a ten day visit. We are planning on renting an SUV and exploring most of the counry, especially along the pacific coast. My wife wants to live by the ocean.

    Pura Vida

  2. English new editions are a little of a challenge. There are several book stores in PC, but my most local book store is The Bookmark in Dolega and it will be a while before he has this book.

    Good luck on your visit in February.

  3. NO, no room at all, we just offered to be teasing you! On the other hand I will put it on the to do / pack list now and see if we can get a hold of one.

  4. Don Ray,

    If I had definite plans to travel to Panama, I’d offer to bring it. I didn’t see anyone else claiming Oklahoma, so far ;).

    I does sound like we’ll have to look into the book in any case. Thanks.

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