No Place Fancy Today

Today, I decided I would just have a little take out from KFC for lunch. I don’t think I have ever taken any photos in the KCF before, so today I took a couple while I was deciding what to order.

Here are a few close-ups for those of us who no longer have 20/20 vision.

It isn’t easy to read, but under the Acompanamientos list you have Sancocho which is the Panamanian chicken soup. You won’t see that in the US.

Here is a new entry that has been here a month or so.

Here are their Classic Combos.

Today I bought the three pieces of chicken in the combo.

Here is the last of the menu.

Today, I saw that they had one of the big bucket family specials that included a large KFC umbrella (paraguas). I actually thought about it just for the umbrella, but I would have probably killed myself eating that much fried chicken.

8 thoughts on “No Place Fancy Today

  1. I have eaten here about 5 times in the past 2 years. I agree the restaurant is clean and well run. The food is also tasty like the KFCs in the states. My only complaint is the small chicken pieces. They seem to be only about 60% of the size of chicken pieces that I experienced in the states. With menu pricing that appears to be similar to the states yet with Panama labor costs that are much less than the states, I’m surprised this franchise can get away with serving very small chicken pieces. Accordingly, this KFC charges too much for what they put on my plate.

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