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Looking Where We Have Been And Where We Are Going

The search for a new theme for Chiriquí Chatter will take some time. This post is going to provide the planned journey from the first to the last. I decided to post this roadmap, because it is going to be easy for you to miss one, I am going to provide you an image of the theme and if you click on the image, it will let you go to a test area to give it a better look.

While you can use this post to cast your vote, I still want to put each theme online for a day or so. Sometimes you have to live with something for a little while because what you though of as beauty or style or class may turn out to be irritating in the long run.

The first theme I tried was Tarski It is the only one I don’t have an image of, but you can click on the name to look at it on the development site.

I liked the way it is designed behind the scenes. I have to admit that it is a little too white for me, but it still grows on me.

The next one I put up was Crimson Sunrise. You may not have seen it as I didn’t leave it up long. Continue reading Looking Where We Have Been And Where We Are Going

Sometimes I Get Absorbed

I know most of the people that come here expect to find something that is Panama related, Chiriquí related, or at least something that could possibly be interesting. However, sometimes I seem to get absorbed in a project and before I know it, time has just slipped away. This searching for the new look for Chiriquí Chatter that appeals to me and hopefully to those that take the time to drop in is one such something.

WordPress being as flexible as it is causes it to be one of the best supported blogging engines. When they added widgets, it really made making changes to the sidebar a piece of cake. It is probably because it is so well supported that it has such a large user base and a large user base has allowed it to have an enormous number of themes to chose from. The ones I am putting up are the ones that I thought had potential for me.

I really like the colors of the current theme with the maple leaf. My only difficulty with it is that it suggests autumn and Panama never has an autumn. It is summer here year round. See, I did manage to make this post Panama related. Thinking about autumn made me think perhaps it was appropriate for me because while I live in a summer climate, I have to admit that I have passed my summer and have moved into the early stages of autumn. When I start thinking like that, I unusually will start being pestered by a poem that is begging to be written. Don’t worry, it hasn’t hit me yet as I am still hooked on the new blog design.

I am not taking the time to fully implement the current themes because it may require me to go alter a piece of code here or there. When I decide that I have one that is as good as it can be and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, then I will insure that all the functionality is implemented.

Keep checking in often or you may miss the opportunity to cast your opinion on the theme you really prefer. I hope to get it down to two or three and then I will let them have a runoff.

Changing Antivirus Software

While I have been occupying myself looking at new potential themes for Chiriquí Chatter, Norton started nagging me to purchase their software. I had installed the Norton package when I rebuilt my PC and I had a free trial with the motherboard. I just hate being nagged and today, I decided to remove it. It fought me all the way, but I was up to the challenge and after a struggle, I got it removed.

As a replacement I had seen that AOL was getting into the security game and was currently offering a security suite for free. A while back I installed the AOL Security Monitor after Marie wrote about it on Disarranging Mine. It had worked pretty good and had periodically notified me when my antivirus software (Norton) was out of date or my spy ware needed new definitions.

Since I had been happy with the AOL’ Security Monitor (free), I decided to give their new security suite a try. It downloaded and installed without a hitch. I think it will be free until they decide they have enough people on it to start vending it in competition with Microsoft’s Live One care, which has a 90-day free trial.

Keeping with my philosophy of “free isn’t a bad price”, I now have the new AOL suite installed. McAfee is providing the antivirus portion, so it can’t be that bad and like I said the price is right.

It has been over 18 months now since I have paid anything for security software and I am getting used to it. This is almost as good as having a PC with Linux or an Apple PC. Well, maybe not as good as an Apple.

TGI Friday’s Economics

Today at lunch time I decided to try TGI Friday’s one more time. I figured that it had been several days and probably the work process should be smoothing out. So today two of us revisited TGI Friday’s. I am really glad I did, because today I had a completely different opinion of the restaurant and how well it will do. I have to admit that the last time I went, I was a little concerned about the viability of such a restaurant in David. Today, that concern disappeared.

Let me share part of my drink with you and I will explain why I changed my opinion. Here is a photo of the drink for the day. It is sort of a virgin piñacolada but it also had some banana in it. It was extremely good. Shoot, I was having such a good time, I didn’t even mind that it was without alcohol.

Continue reading TGI Friday’s Economics

Searching for A New Look

Don’t be surprised for the theme to be changing for no apparent reason for a few days. I am searching for a new look and at the same time updating to a theme that supports the new functionality that WordPress included in its last release. Widgets is the new buzzword and it allows a lot more flexibility in making changes. My old theme, which has served me well for over a year, did not support widgets and I don’t think I want to spend the time to upgrade it.

I did look up the past author to see if there was a new version, but it hasn’t been updated. As you view Chiriquí Chatter over this transition period, feel free to leave a comment on what you think of the theme. Tell me how you like the look and feel and if you notice any functionality that doesn’t work. I would also be interested in how fast you think it loads. Check back often or you may miss your favorite theme.

Also when you leave a comment, please describe the theme’s look, as it will be changing at random, until I decide on the look I like. I want it to be clean, easy to read, and with a modicum of elegance. If you don’t leave an indication of the theme’s design, it may not be the current theme when I read the comment.

Ah, a change is in the winds.

A Blog On Blogging

I have a friend that is considering starting a blog and I told him I would provide him some of my experiences. Since I was going to send it to him, I thought I would just go ahead and post it.

Shortly after moving to Panama, I learned about blogging. I had been communicating with some friends and family about my move and I was doing it in the form of a monthly email. I had a good friend in Virginia that asked why I didn’t create a blog. Blog – it was a new word for me, and researching that word resulted in what you are currently reading. Continue reading A Blog On Blogging

C&W Is Dead In The Water.

About 2:00 PM I noticed that the speed of the Internet was shutting down. I was listening to Pandora and the Music started having long gaps of silence.

It is now 4:30 PM and it is completely dead. Nothing is going in or out at any speed. I am writing this offline and will post when I gain access again. It is a good thing that C&W doesn’t run the pilot authority for the Canal or manage security for some organization.

For me it is a major nuisance not to have the Internet, however if I had a business and depended on good uptime, I would be pulling my hair out. What am I saying! Any moment now I may have a stroke of genius and want to post something. Oh my, this is serious!

Farewell Lord Bryon

David Woo of the Dallas Morning News took the photo above.

The sports world and the world of kindness lost a great man on Tuesday. Byron Nelson died at the age of 94. He was one of those people that deserved all the admiration that befell him. Many say that his legend as a human being has greatly dwarfed his legend as a champion golfer. In 1945 he won 18 tour victories including 11 straight wins. That record is still intact.

I remember seeing Byron Nelson several times in the early seventies because the company I worked for was a major sponsor of the Bryon Nelson Golf Tournament in Dallas. Some of us were fortunate enough to get to work in the support of the tournament. Those are special memories for me. Besides Byron, I was fortunate enough to see some of the greats. Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Lee Trevino come to mind.

The Dallas Morning News has some good audio and video commentary about Bryon’s career. Farewell Lord Bryon, you will be missed.

The Innocent Man

One of my favorite authors (John Grisham) has a new book coming out on October 10. This book is a non-fiction book and is described as exploring a small town justice gone awry. Since it takes place in southeast Oklahoma around Ada, it will go on my “Must Be Read” list. I wonder who I know in Oklahoma that I can convince to bring me a paperback copy on their next trip to Panama? 🙂

Here is an excerpt from the book.

The Innocent Man
The rolling hills of southeast Oklahoma stretch from Norman across to Arkansas and show little evidence of the vast deposits of crude oil that were once beneath them. Some old rigs dot the countryside; the active ones churn on, pumping out a few gallons with each slow turn and prompting a passerby to ask if the effort is really worth it. Many have simply given up, and sit motionless amid the fields as corroding reminders of the glory days of gushers and wildcatters and instant fortunes.

There are rigs scattered through the farmland around Ada, an old oil town of sixteen thousand with a college and a county courthouse. The rigs are idle, though—the oil is gone. Money is now made in Ada by the hour in factories and feed mills and on pecan farms.

Downtown Ada is a busy place. There are no empty or boarded-up buildings on Main Street. The merchants survive, though much of their business has moved to the edge of town. The cafés are crowded at lunch.

The Pontotoc County Courthouse is old and cramped and full of lawyers and their clients. Around it is the usual hodgepodge of county buildings and law offices. The jail, a squat, windowless bomb shelter, was for some forgotten reason built on the courthouse lawn. The methamphetamine scourge keeps it full.

Main Street ends at the campus of East Central University, home to four thousand students, many of them commuters. The school pumps life into the community with a fresh supply of young people and a faculty that adds some diversity to southeastern Oklahoma.