More About The Playa Las Lajas Situation

Here is the latest email I received on Rio San Felix / Playa Las Lajas situation. The first photo can be compared with the photo in this past post.

Hi Don Ray,
Now that my computer is back up and running after a not-surprising meltdown, I thought I should send an update on what’s happening at Playa Las Lajas.

Attached pic (#1) shows what’s left of the Little Blue Casita you featured on your last posting about the Playa. This latest ‘capture’ by the Rio San Felix took place last Friday morning; the river had worked its way around the barrier created by the rock wall and the sandbags.

Since then, the rancho on the next door property (#2) has also gone as has more of the public road behind these two properties.

Boy, do I wish I had some good news for a change. Will keep you updated. Thanks again for all your efforts on our behalf.

Linda & Stan

The original post I made requesting help was on August 2nd. I hope some good news comes soon.

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