Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit

If you ask me what my favorite piece of music is, I would say Pachelbel’s Canon in D major. In my opinion it is one of the most memorable pieces I have ever listened to. When I moved to Panama I think I must have had over 10 CDs with one or more versions on it. I remember one was titled, “Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit”. While I no longer have any of the CDs, I cannot forget the haunting melody, and when I happen upon it, it is such a moving piece to me that it literally brings tears to my eyes.

It is the exact music you want to be playing in the background when you tell that special person how much they mean in your life. Whether it is your mother or father, your sister or brother, your son or daughter, your sweetheart or who ever, it will make the statement much more memorable. Perhaps that is the reason it is played so often at wedding ceremonies.

I was just listening to my station “I Surrender All” and a variation played. It is the first time I have heard it in a while and it brought me to the keyboard. I did a search on Pachelbel and there are a ton of sites out there. One good one is wikipedi and if you are interested, you will find some interesting information there.

Another site that I had fun reading and listening to midis of Pachelbel’s Canon was a personal website of Ray Hutchens. One of the fun things about web surfing is finding a site such as Ray’s site in another part of the world and just passing some time.

Below you will find a midi control that will allow you to hear a version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Now all you need to do is to have an important someone, sit next to you. Look them in the eye, start the midi player, and tell them that you couldn’t let another moment pass without them knowing that they were important in your life. Then why not give them a hug. Life is too short not to let those that are important to us know how we feel.

2 thoughts on “Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit

  1. Throroughly enjoyed your post. The music is superb. I left it on while I read your posting. I am glad that you are enjoying my country as I am in Alabama wishing I was there.

  2. Paquita thank you for your thoughtful comment. I am happy that Pachelbel brought a little enjoyment into your life today. Did you remember to give someone a hug?

    I will try to take care of Panama for you till you return.

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