Delicias del Perú in Boquete

Saturdays and Sundays are days I like to get out of the house and see something outside of David. Sunday I decided to go up to Boquete. It had been a while since I had been there. The once sleep little community, is certainly growing. Unfortunately a lot of the pretty drive up to Boquete is now being disrupted with all the developer’s billboards telling you how you how you can make the developer rich by putting your money into their pocket.

My main reason for this drive was to try out a restaurant I had noticed several times on my past visits to Boquete. Delicias del Perú. Is a relatively new Peruvian restaurant specializing in sea food.

Mar del Sur in David has always been one of my favorites and is also a Peruvian restaurant. I was really expecting to be disappointed because I have enjoyed Mar del Sur so much. I was almost disappointed that I was not disappointed.

Delicias del Perú is on the right side of the main road running through Boquete past Boquete’s largest church. You can’t miss it. Just watch for this sign.

I don’t remember what was here in the past, but the inside of this restaurant has obviously been recently remodeled and it looks nice and fresh and new. Here is a view looking out onto the upper terrace.

If you were sitting at the table in the last photo, you could look down on this beautiful landscape. There is a stairway that goes down to a lower level and you can walk out on the path you see in this photo. At least I am assuming you can make it all the way down to the path in the photo. I didn’t attempt to do it. I knew it would be easy going down, but I didn’t want to make the walk back up.

Here is a photo of the main dining room. You can tell that it is all new with nice tile floors and new tables with tile inlay. It is really well done. In fact it was so nicely done that I was not sure I wanted to look at the menu. When I did get up enough nerve to look at the menu, I decided it was comparable in price to Mar del Sur in David. It has been a while since I have been to Mar del Sur, so I now have a reason to go back and compare. It is definitely not a cheap restaurant, so if you are looking for a meal priced like a local Pananiam restaurant, you won’t find it here.

The cute little waitress was anxious to use her English, which was very good. This restaurant definitely caters to foreigners. I studied the menu from front to back. I finally chose the corvina with asparagus and cream sauce, which was $7.50. Not cheap, but it was nicely done. The taste was great as was the presentation.

When I finished, I was full. I considered dessert, but elected to stop at the little German pastry place on the outskirts of Boquete for one of my favorites – a strawberry tart. I enjoyed my outing for the day.

I would eat at Delicias del Perú again, if I found myself in Boquete. However with the price of gas (it is 12 cents higher in Boquete than David), I think I will stick with Mar del Sur and not make the drive just to eat sea food.

16 thoughts on “Delicias del Perú in Boquete

  1. Hi Don;
    My wife and I have enjoyed your blog and all of the information. We also enjoy eating at Delicias del Perú and a few others in Boquete. We’re still used to American prices as we are only part timers in Boquete, so Hibiscus and Palo Alto are on our list of eateries as well that have very good food. Keep up the great commentaries, you’ve helped us keep in touch with Panama while we’re away.
    Greg & Rose

  2. I have eaten at both the Hibiscus and the Palo Alto, but it has been a while. At the Hibiscus, I have had good and not so good meals. When I was there the consistency was what bothered me. Maybe it has improved. The Palo Alto was all right also and it does have a nice environment being next to the river. As long as the river isn’t flooding that is.

    Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment.

  3. My wife and I were in Boquete in June this year, 2006 and ate at this resturant. Wonderful food and you have to try their soup. Not sure what it was somekind of creamy tomato soup. It was without a doubt the best soup I’ve ever eaten in my life.

    We liked Aboquete so much, we bought a house there and will move in Sept. to live there fulltime.

    David from Gulf Breeze, FL USA

  4. Hola Don, This restaurant is one of my wife’s and my favorite in Boquete. We have eaten there 4-5 times on our last 2 trips to Boquete and have always found it to be top notch. As Greg said, compared to US prices these meals are a bargin. See you in November.

    Ron Miller
    New Market, VA (for now)

  5. Hi Ron.

    Thanks for the comment. For the quality of food, I think the prices are quite fair. As I said, I enjoyed my meal and would eat there again if I were in Boquete.

  6. Have you considered hooking up with a travel bureau in Panama? You write like you are already employed by one. And your photos to go with it are splendid. If Boquete were next door in say, Richmond, Indiana, I would go there today for lunch because I read your Delicias del Perú in Boquete piece. Great job and obviously a thoughtful one too. The meal price was as cheap as it gets around here where I live. And the presentation isn’t anything close. Those gardens or garden is something else. Wow.

    I saw you were at and I appreciate your visits a lot. Thank you.

  7. Don, Just stopped in to say hello. Busy summer and very dry and hot. Sounds like all is well with you. Glad of that. I will stop back soon for a long visit. Dick

  8. Hi Abe, No, I prefer to not be obligated to anyone for what I write. I sometimes think money corrupts what one says and I do this just for fun.

    Thanks for dropping in Dick. Based on what I hear on the TV, I think you have some rain heading your way.

  9. Somebody has really taking care about flowers in the garden. I would like to look at them from those hammocks. ( Is this the right word? ) and also to eat a exotic food of course – not in the hammock however!

  10. Yes, it is a very pleasant view from the balcony. I wouldn’t mind reading a book in the hammock, but it would be easy to get caught in a rain, if I wasn’t careful.

    I almost wish I hadn’t posted the photo of the meal. Everytime I see it I remember how good it was and I start drooling.

    Thanks for stopping in Leena.

  11. Try the new Machu Pichu Peruvian in Boquete. Its better and a little cheaper. Great atmosphere and very friendly. You will find it just down the road from Amigos, behind Banco Nacional.

  12. I will put it on my “to do” list. However, being in the location you describe, it would be hard pressed to have a better atmosphere. Part of what adds to Delicias de Perú, is the beautiful view in the back. That cannot be matched behine Banco Nacional. But I will withould further judgement until I see it.

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