Welcome Back Omar

Just a short while ago I received an email from Omar Upegui R. who has the website EPIAC’S PLACE. You may remember back in July I asked if some of my readers could take a little time and put in a good word with the man upstairs for a blogging friend I have that had developed a problem with his eyes.

While your can see from the portion of the email I will include below that Omar isn’t totally out of the woods, he has made significant progress and has been cleared to return to blogging. He still has a pending operation as you can see in October or November. I would ask that you continue to put in good words with the man upstairs to have this operation a complete success. I am only including a portion of Omar’s email as I consider the rest personal.

Hello Abe and Don:

Since yesterday I was given the green light from my ophthalmologist to return to my blogging activities. I had a mild retina rupture, which caused a moderate damage to my left eye.

During the past month I have been under medication to dissolve a blood tissue that has been floating on my eye after the retina’s rupture.

An eye operation is pending which will probably take place sometime in October or November…

6 thoughts on “Welcome Back Omar

  1. Was glad to see Omar is back or getting back. Had no idea anything was wrong with his eyes.

    Yes, I like the music pandora provides. It is wonderful. I even adopted most all of your radio stations since I liked the music and it was/is some of my favorites. I wish they had a smaller player/less cluttered and sent them a suggestion about that.

  2. Hi Abe – I don’t mind the player since I use the minimized version and it stays off screen unless I want to skip a song. I sent them a request to have a random switch that would choose songs from all of your stations at random.

  3. I guess I don’t quite know how to do that — minimized version and it stays off the screen. If you open the link on your machine from my web page how do I get it to only open the minimized screen? Maybe it isn’t possible.

  4. Hello Don:

    Very thoughful of you to ask the bearded man upstairs to do something for me. I’m sure he will and everything will turn out to be A-O.K.

    Best regards,


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