My Pappy Was A Pistol – I’m A Son Of A Gun

My Palm Pilot is close to biting the dust, but with a little luck, I will have a replacement next week. I have used it so much as my English to Spanish translator that I really don’t want to be with out this crutch. Most of the time my Spanglish gets me by, but every now and then you need an exact word to get your point across.

I have spent the last several months looking for what I wanted as a replacement, and I hope I made the right choice. I am not going to tell you what I ordered, I will just tempt you by saying that what I found looks as sexy as a three-peckered Billy goat. Let me tell you, that is plenty sexy. Now if it works as good as it looks, I will be happy.

I had to order it in the US and have seen that it has made its way to Florida and is in the hands of AirBox Express. That being the case, I should get it by next weekend. The main worry now is if it can make the short hop to Panama City and then to David without complications. Keep your fingers crossed.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my Billy goat description, but if I did I will blame it on my dad who sometimes used colorful expressions when he was excited.

3 thoughts on “My Pappy Was A Pistol – I’m A Son Of A Gun

  1. I never heard the expression, “Three peckered Billy Goat.” I thought I had heard them all. I suppose some of them are “localized” expressions. You would expect to hear more expressions about ducks and geese in the vicinity of a goose ranch than anywhere else. BTW my mom worked on a duck “ranch” in Kansas a long time ago and used to tell me some wild stories about that place. I didn’t know such places existed but they did at one time. I suppose nowadays they wouldn’t go to the description using “ranch” but there are lots of turkey and chicken farmers with millions of birds. Anyway. Nice post. I also read the one about your translator replacement.

    And finally, I just started a new blog at word press. and will see how much interest I can generate there. I have not had time to do much as I just got it yesterday.

  2. Hi Abe.

    My, my, but you are going to win the record of having the most active blogs. I think you will like WordPress. It will be interesting after you have heen on it a while to compare it with the others you have used.

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