AudioFoto Prepares For Grand Opening

The sign says that AudioFoto is now open and it is for the most part. They still have a few finishing touches to make and I was told that the grand opening would be sometime around the 6th to 8th of September.

With the opening of this store, one other store in David will close. I know you think I am going to say the AudioFoto store that is adjacent to Parque Cervantes will close. Wrong – there will be two AudioFoto stores in David. The store that is closing is the CD Place. It is moving into the AudioFoto store in Plaza El Terronal. You can see that the CDs and DVDs are filling the center of the store.

This photo shows one of the finishing touches that is missing (the stove top display).

Here is the Plasma TV display.

Alvaro González (aka Al), the store’s head honcho seems pleased with the progress to this point – especially the large display of Sony laptops.

While they have other digital cameras, they seem to be featuring the Sony as the favored models.

I mentioned to Al that Do It Center had some good-looking assistants handing out candy bars at their grand opening. Al said he thought he would just wear a suit. Surely he was joking and will do something special.

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