Valokuvia ystäville Website Has Ended

Summer Night in Finland
I almost feel like I have lost a friend. Leenamarjatta has ended her website Valokuvia ystäville. I used to go to it on a daily basis because of the incredible photos she had where she lives in Finland. I had noticed for the last several days that the URL for her site no longer worked.

Today I received and email from Leena telling me that she had closed her site. Sadness gripped my stomach, but she made the loss of her site a little less traumatic. She has her incredible photos on flicker and you can see them here.

I will miss seeing her narrative of life in Finland, but I will live it through her photos.

6 thoughts on “Valokuvia ystäville Website Has Ended

  1. Don`t worry, be happy!
    I think, I got tired of my bad English. I love writing, but I must do it in Finnish, my own language.
    Thank you for your great attention to my blog.
    I will visit in your pages, it is sure.

    Take care!

  2. I never had the opportunity to see her writing but did go look at her photos which are beautiful. It takes people a while to locate good photographers and writers on the blogs. Or it does me. You, Don, are among them. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for stopping at my website again. It is in transition as you know. I pulled the plug, more or less, at efx2 because I wanted to work on my own website at

    I also read the scooters you posted before this and those are now getting popular here or around here. By popular I mean I saw one or two so far in this small city. That’s saying something. Both were being ridden by men at least my age (almost 72) and both wore helmets. I will stick to my bike and I manage to ride from 3 to 12 miles a day. Gasoline here was over $3.00 US Dollars a gallon but has dropped to $2.47 yesterday.

  3. Thanks for stopping in Abe. Your nature photos are among the best I have see. I wish I could afford a camera like you have.

    I think gasoline came down about 14 cents here. Ineed to check. We are still a good bit higher than you in price.

  4. And this is how we felt when your first blog vanished Don Ray…….don’t get any ideas! Your secret admirers would be crushed.

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