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While I was walking around the downtown area of David yesterday, I passed a store that had KITOMI motorcycles and scooters on display. Since I have seen several Yahoo questions lately on the availability of ATVs in Panama, I stopped and talked to the salesman. I asked him if they were from China and he said that they were from Korea. I thought this was interesting, so I picked up the flyer that you see above.

Being the curious type, I pulled up the company website and I see references to China, but none to Korea. Maybe the salesman needs to look at the website.

I did notice from the website, that KITOMI has set up a full logistics operation in the Colon Free Zone of the Republic of Panama to service customers in Panama, Latin America, and North America. And yes, they do have a line of ATVs. Maybe if I were not so risk adverse I would consider one of their scooters. 112 miles to a gallon sounds pretty good, but I doubt that the savings would offset the likely hospital bill I would have if I owned one.

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  1. And how easy it could be parking with a scooter! But perhaps it`s better leave it as you said!
    Is your email working correctly?
    Good weekend, Don !

  2. Another concern I might have is wheter the scooter would be where I parked it when I returned.

    Yes, email cshould be working correctly now. It was full yesterday and I might have missed a few messages.

  3. Don,
    Motor scooters have become very popular all over the US again (think Vespas in the 1960s) based upon a number of articles that I have read and my observations (I am in the home office in Colorado for awhile). I am thinking that they would be very handy in Panama for short trips where I don’t need a car. I suspect I would have to think more about the security aspect though…

  4. I guess my thought is since I live in Coronado I can use it to run local errands (El Ray, local restaurants, etc). I guess I might have to watch for the golf carts though…

  5. As a owner of a scooter and founder of Panama Scooter Club here in Panama I must say that they do come in handy now with the continue state of energy crisis. As an expat and owner of a car here it is not easy so riding on two wheels has been my best option and even for scoots gas prices are starting to hit the wallet but not as strong as for the car. Defensive driving is a must here in Panama, specially around cabs and public buses. Sure you won’t see as many scoots as in Thailand or Japan but slowly but surely myself and our site are speading the word about scooters and small motorcycles.

  6. Hi Ramon. Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, you have to have nerves of steel and good reflexes if you want to survive on two wheels in panama.

  7. We have a small 50cc Suzuki scooter. No defensive driving or theft worries on Bocas Del Toro. The good news is that with bad roads you can navigate around the pot holes (lakes) and get a smoother ride than in a car. The bad news is that I’ve gotten mired in mud and fallen (oh, so slowly) several times. I’m researching buying an ATV for a bit more stability and security. Can anyone recommend a dealer and brand? Thanks. Susan

  8. I bought a Scooter Kitomi 1 month ago, already has dropped the crank 2 times, one time I changed it, now the second time he did not want to do, the flashing lights do not flash and more, the lenses have the same problem, only give 1 month warranty on electrical parts and 6 months in the motor, as that is possible, for some sera, the rear brake is stuck, do not feel when accelerating force, is a 150cc motor, I do not recommend this bike for anything On the other hand, there is no information on the Internet with regard to this bike.

  9. For those trying to save money on gas consider converting your diesel vehicle to grease car status, this is a diesel motor that runs on FREE used vegetable oil readily available from any restaurant that uses fryer oil, i know it works because my 1997 VW passat runs on this oil, i hardly every pay for diesel anymore, it does use a bit of diesel to start your trip and a bit at the end..for more info see

  10. Probably we will see some more scooters in town soon.
    When the bankers repossessed those fancy big trucks 🙂

  11. Hey Samuel,
    I feel sorry for you.
    You should have stayed away from a Chinese scooter anyway.
    And, it is weird that David, being the second largest city in Panama, doesn’t give any choices. Ridiculous, that someone has to go to Panama city to get a quality scooter, like the HONDA SH150i (most popular in Italy!) or to Costa Rica for the fantastic KYMCO scooters, made in Taiwan. Those products are very dependable and are a good economical investment in the long run. Tip for your next deal: go for bigger wheels!
    Why? Just look into the Websites of the two mentioned companies! But start feeding your piggy bank NOW! Good stuff is priceless!

  12. Wow I read all the above not clear how strong the 150 dirt bike is, dose any one can tell me if I should buy one .


  13. I ride a scooter here in California and have my license endorsed for it. I’m moving there soon and would like to know if my endorsement will be good when I get a Panamanian license. Thanks in advance for any answers.

  14. I am looking for an used atv I don’t want china or Vietnam I like a 750-800cc
    One more question can it be street legalized

  15. Hi
    I am looking at investing in a scooter for our 6 month stay in Coronado, mainly because the car prices are frankly outside of our budget! but I’m struggling to find out about insurance…. Really struggling…. I have been told I won’t need insurance for a scooter, is this true please, what engine size does this apply to.?

  16. To ride legally, I was told you need insurance on anything with wheels, including trailers, motorcycles, scooters, cars, etc. In reality, you won’t be asked for your insurance by the police, most likely, but you will need it to get a revisado (inspection) which is required to be registered and get plates. Even bicycles have license plates and an endorsement on your DL 🙂

  17. I was a bad boy as back in 78 purchased a new Honda 750K…2000$, out the door.

    I did not have a bike license, or insurance…..those were the days.

    Sold it after 4 years.

    Rode a Honda Dax, along with my 4X4 for about 15 years in CR…once again without docs for the bike.

    Recently purchased a Honda XR80…lots of fun…anyone know of bike trails here in David?

  18. I was raised with bikes. I would never own a scooter. A motorcycle is a much better option.
    The simple reason is stability. Because of the larger diameter wheel a cycle is much more stable. There is no advantage using a scooter except a few dollars saved on buying tires.

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