Rio San Felix & Playa Las Lajas Update

Playa Las Lajas Disaster
This is the latest email I have received this morning on the status of government assistance for the residents of Las Lajas. A previous post had a photo of Ing. Luis Lombardo that Linda references in this email.

Hi Don Ray,

Just wanted to give you an update – on Monday, August 21st, Sr. Ruben Blades called me and another member of our property owners group. As they say, timing is everything and I was unable to speak at length with him as I was sitting in a dentist’s chair!

Between the two conversations, the basic fact remains: MOP is the only government agency that can assist us in saving Playa Las Lajas. As you & your readers know, we have been petitioning MOP for assistance for 2 months now. However, Sr. Blades did make a few phone calls on our behalf, one being to the Minister of MOP Benjamin Colamarco, and was able to provide information that we’d been unable to obtain ourselves. MOP’s hydrologist, Ing. Mena, had indeed inspected the site at Playa Las Lajas and his findings are going into the “study”. No indication how long MOP plans to conduct this “study”.

Ing. Luis Lombardo, Provincial Director of MOP remains elusive. When calling his office, he is busy in meetings. Messages are left. When calling his cell phone, calls go to his voice-mail. Messages are left. But none of the calls are returned. Any information our group has received in the past two weeks regarding MOP’s activities has come from other parties, such as Sr. Blades or from Lombardo’s personal friends with whom I have business contact.

So, Ruben Blades does read his e-mail and I and the other residents appreciate his efforts in our behalf.

As for the Rio San Felix, we can only continue to monitor it and the tides and their affect on the retaining wall.

Thanks Don Ray for getting the word out there – your efforts on our behalf are greatly appreciated!

Linda & Stan

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