That Is A Couple of Nice Mamones

I hope I spelled it correctly. Mamones is a fruit that I enjoy buying here in David. You will see it being sold a lot along the side of the road. I understand it comes in red and yellow, but I have only seen the red ones.

It is interesting to look at and interesting to eat. You easily break through the outside skin and you find the fruit, which is similar in texture to a pealed grape. When you eat it, however, it is nothing like a grape. The fruit is soft and tough and chewy. The flavor is a combination of sweet and sour at the same time.

From what I hear the yellow ones are less acidy and sweeter. You can’t get them year round, but when they are in season, I try to buy them often.

9 thoughts on “That Is A Couple of Nice Mamones

  1. Don Ray,

    Your pictures remind me of what the Indonesians call rambutan (rambut is hair; the English nickname is “hairy fruit”). If it’s the same, I’ve seen it all shades from green to red, including yellow. I never developed a taste for it.

  2. I am going to Panama City and Boquete next week and would like to know if I can get mamones this time of the year. Also any tips about what to do in Boquete?

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