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More About The Playa Las Lajas Situation

Here is the latest email I received on Rio San Felix / Playa Las Lajas situation. The first photo can be compared with the photo in this past post.

Hi Don Ray,
Now that my computer is back up and running after a not-surprising meltdown, I thought I should send an update on what’s happening at Playa Las Lajas.

Attached pic (#1) shows what’s left of the Little Blue Casita you featured on your last posting about the Playa. This latest ‘capture’ by the Rio San Felix took place last Friday morning; the river had worked its way around the barrier created by the rock wall and the sandbags.

Since then, the rancho on the next door property (#2) has also gone as has more of the public road behind these two properties.

Boy, do I wish I had some good news for a change. Will keep you updated. Thanks again for all your efforts on our behalf.

Linda & Stan

The original post I made requesting help was on August 2nd. I hope some good news comes soon.

Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit

If you ask me what my favorite piece of music is, I would say Pachelbel’s Canon in D major. In my opinion it is one of the most memorable pieces I have ever listened to. When I moved to Panama I think I must have had over 10 CDs with one or more versions on it. I remember one was titled, “Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit”. While I no longer have any of the CDs, I cannot forget the haunting melody, and when I happen upon it, it is such a moving piece to me that it literally brings tears to my eyes. Continue reading Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit

Testing The Usability of Linux

This is the first test of trying to use my Linux PC as a backup for my Windows PC. I am interested in finding some of the immediate problems that a novice, such as myself, would have in using Linux as my primary engine for blogging. Linux definitely takes some getting used to.

When you start using Linux, you have to decide which presentation format you want. The two largest are Gnome and KDE. In the past I had used KDE on SuSE 10.0. Continue reading Testing The Usability of Linux

Latest Toy

When I had my last PC hard drive failure, I also had my KVM switch die at the same time. A KVM is this little switching box that allows you to connect two or more PCs to a single keyboard, mouse and monitor. In my small environment, while I like to play with multiple PCs at the same time, I don’t want the expense or clutter caused by multiple keyboards, mice and monitors.

I had used a Belkin device for years and went on the Internet with the expectation of getting another. However when I did my investigation, I see that technology has improved a lot and there were other options. I wound up getting the iogear 4-port USB KVM. There were several things I liked about it.

The first thing that caught my eye was its nice appearance. You can see that it has been designed to resemble the Apple Mac Mini. One of the things I have been thinking about is getting a Mac Mini, but I don’t want to get rid of my other PCs.

Continue reading Latest Toy

Delicias del Perú in Boquete

Saturdays and Sundays are days I like to get out of the house and see something outside of David. Sunday I decided to go up to Boquete. It had been a while since I had been there. The once sleep little community, is certainly growing. Unfortunately a lot of the pretty drive up to Boquete is now being disrupted with all the developer’s billboards telling you how you how you can make the developer rich by putting your money into their pocket.

My main reason for this drive was to try out a restaurant I had noticed several times on my past visits to Boquete. Delicias del Perú. Is a relatively new Peruvian restaurant specializing in sea food.

Mar del Sur in David has always been one of my favorites and is also a Peruvian restaurant. I was really expecting to be disappointed because I have enjoyed Mar del Sur so much. I was almost disappointed that I was not disappointed.

Delicias del Perú is on the right side of the main road running through Boquete past Boquete’s largest church. You can’t miss it. Just watch for this sign.

Continue reading Delicias del Perú in Boquete

Welcome Back Omar

Just a short while ago I received an email from Omar Upegui R. who has the website EPIAC’S PLACE. You may remember back in July I asked if some of my readers could take a little time and put in a good word with the man upstairs for a blogging friend I have that had developed a problem with his eyes.

While your can see from the portion of the email I will include below that Omar isn’t totally out of the woods, he has made significant progress and has been cleared to return to blogging. He still has a pending operation as you can see in October or November. I would ask that you continue to put in good words with the man upstairs to have this operation a complete success. I am only including a portion of Omar’s email as I consider the rest personal.

Hello Abe and Don:

Since yesterday I was given the green light from my ophthalmologist to return to my blogging activities. I had a mild retina rupture, which caused a moderate damage to my left eye.

During the past month I have been under medication to dissolve a blood tissue that has been floating on my eye after the retina’s rupture.

An eye operation is pending which will probably take place sometime in October or November…

My Pappy Was A Pistol – I’m A Son Of A Gun

My Palm Pilot is close to biting the dust, but with a little luck, I will have a replacement next week. I have used it so much as my English to Spanish translator that I really don’t want to be with out this crutch. Most of the time my Spanglish gets me by, but every now and then you need an exact word to get your point across.

I have spent the last several months looking for what I wanted as a replacement, and I hope I made the right choice. I am not going to tell you what I ordered, I will just tempt you by saying that what I found looks as sexy as a three-peckered Billy goat. Let me tell you, that is plenty sexy. Now if it works as good as it looks, I will be happy.

I had to order it in the US and have seen that it has made its way to Florida and is in the hands of AirBox Express. That being the case, I should get it by next weekend. The main worry now is if it can make the short hop to Panama City and then to David without complications. Keep your fingers crossed.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my Billy goat description, but if I did I will blame it on my dad who sometimes used colorful expressions when he was excited.

Valokuvia ystäville Website Has Ended

Summer Night in Finland
I almost feel like I have lost a friend. Leenamarjatta has ended her website Valokuvia ystäville. I used to go to it on a daily basis because of the incredible photos she had where she lives in Finland. I had noticed for the last several days that the URL for her site no longer worked.

Today I received and email from Leena telling me that she had closed her site. Sadness gripped my stomach, but she made the loss of her site a little less traumatic. She has her incredible photos on flicker and you can see them here.

I will miss seeing her narrative of life in Finland, but I will live it through her photos.

KITOMI In Panama

While I was walking around the downtown area of David yesterday, I passed a store that had KITOMI motorcycles and scooters on display. Since I have seen several Yahoo questions lately on the availability of ATVs in Panama, I stopped and talked to the salesman. I asked him if they were from China and he said that they were from Korea. I thought this was interesting, so I picked up the flyer that you see above.

Being the curious type, I pulled up the company website and I see references to China, but none to Korea. Maybe the salesman needs to look at the website.

I did notice from the website, that KITOMI has set up a full logistics operation in the Colon Free Zone of the Republic of Panama to service customers in Panama, Latin America, and North America. And yes, they do have a line of ATVs. Maybe if I were not so risk adverse I would consider one of their scooters. 112 miles to a gallon sounds pretty good, but I doubt that the savings would offset the likely hospital bill I would have if I owned one.