PriceSmart Shopper

As I was walking down the aisles in PriceSmart today I saw that I wasn’t the only shopper. It wasn’t another gringo, but it was green and it should go.

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  1. Hello Don Ray,

    Can you tell me what the membership costs at PriceSmart? We’ve already looked into it, and they do not accept Costco cards there. I don’t think I can go a whole month with out a Costco fix 😉 I’ve heard PriceSmart is just like Costco. Although, I’ve never seen one of those pretty green bugs at Costco.

  2. Panama sounds very interesting; I am thinking about maybe retiring there.

    My husband and I are both very keen on vitamins, herbs and organic health foods.
    We also like and need low and non- fat foods too.

    Are these things all easily available in Panama?

    Are there big health food shops like GNC or Wild Oats?

    I notice you mentioned PriceSmart. Are they big stores with a big range of goods?

    Sorry for all the questions, but these are very important things to our decision making.

    PS Like your blog very much

  3. There are GNC stores in Panama. Vitamins are also available at some of the bigger pharmacies. PriceSmart carries Centrum. I used to buy the PriceSmart brand of vitamin, but they haven’t been carrying the multi-vitamin in the PriceSmart brand lately.

    The PriceSmart stores carry a large amount of items. The one in Panama City is a little larger and has a few more things than the one in David. In malls in Panama City you can find almost anything you can in the US.

    Thanks for stopping in and the nice comment.

  4. Does Price Smart have organic foods like Costco has? Like Costco’s organic olive oil, instants oatmeal, raisins, apples etc? And do they have large bags of nuts? Thanks so much for your help.

  5. I don’t remember seeing any bags marked organic. They have what I would consider large bags of nuts, but the price of Pecans has kept me away from my favorite nut.

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