US Consular Outreach Happened

Michelle Javor, Vice Consul – Chief, American Citizens Services and Mayra Luaces, Foreign Service National Supervisor, met with a large group of US citizens at the first US Consular Outreach in David, Chiriquí last Friday. I would estimate that there were over 20 American Citizens in attendance.

As the announcing post had stated, their primary purpose was the following:

1. Applications for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CROBA);
2. Applications for U.S. passports;
3. Notarial services
4. Consular registration;
5. Voter registration procedures/absentee ballot requests
6. Drop off passports that have been received (Americans who have applied and are waiting to pick up their U.S. passports can e-mail us to arrange pick-up in David on July 28th)

The following information was provided to assist those that are interested in registering their email address with the US Embassy.

As a reminder that Election Day is only 105 days from Friday, the following information was given to assist in an absentee ballot. Those that were in attendance were provided the form and assisted in filling it out.

From me and I am sure all the other US Citizens that were in attendance, I want to say “Thank You” to both Michelle and Mayra for coming to David, getting to know us and the area and for providing such good assistance.

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