Internet Explorer or Coppermine Photo Album Problem?

I have had a reader report that he is unable to view the Chiriquí Chatter Photo album using Internet Explorer 6.0. I have IE 6.0 on this PC and it displays fine. On his PC no photo appears, just the verbage.

If you are reading this and your browser is Internet Explorer 6.0, would you mind clicking on the following link and seeing if the photos display on your PC?

I would like to know your results if it works or if it doesn’t work. If it doesn’t display photos, I would appreciate knowing the PC environment your are running under. Version of Windows, Version of Internet Explorer, etc.

4 thoughts on “Internet Explorer or Coppermine Photo Album Problem?

  1. I rarely use IE, but, I am right now. And both this page and your photo gallery appear the same (perfect) as they do in Firefox: Photos, text, style. I’m using IE6 on Win XP SP2 fully patched.

  2. Don,
    I can see the pics, text, etc no problem, both here & on the link – I am using Windows Server 2003 SP1, IE 6.0.3790.0

  3. Marie and Rob. Thanks for giving me feedback. I have seen some problems listed when Coppermine was integrated into WordPress, but I am not using it that way and had avoided doing that because of potiential problems.

    This is a strange problem, but at least I think it is isolated.

  4. I just checked it with my Portable, XP Pro Version 5.1 Build 2600, SP2 & IE 6.0.2900.2180. No problems seen…

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