Painful Process

Alex, at INFOX, was able to get in touch with Microsoft in Costa Rico for me and have Microsoft authentic my software so I could begin updating Windows XP with all the fixes. I had bought my Windows XP prior to SP1 or SP2 so it takes a long time to download all the fixes.

After that I will have to install my motherboard drivers and then I will be in position to see how much data I lost with my system failure. I am installing on a new 80 Gig hard drive. I put my old 40 Gig hard drive as a secondary drive. I have looked at the drive using Windows Explorer and most of my data files appear to be intact.

I did lose a large amount of photos. That is unfortunate. The worst part is that it looks like I am not going to be able to restore the most current Outlook data. I have most of it on my laptop that is being repaired in Panama City, but I quit using the laptop a year ago, so any changes made in the last year or emails received and sent in the last year are lost.

I may try to make one attempt to use partition Magic on my corrupt disk and see if it can recover any data. It looks like I have about 10 Gig more space on that drive than before so that is potentially how much I have lost. But some part of that will be on my laptop.

I am probably a day or so from being back on the air. I have ordered what I need to rebuild my Linux box and an external hard drive to be used for a formal backup process.

4 thoughts on “Painful Process

  1. Be VERY careful with Partition Magic. It toasted MDH’s new Toshiba laptop a few years ago. I spend hours fixing it. The Partition Magic support person said sometimes it doesn’t work on laptops! I would call with your exact specs before installing it.

    Maybe you can use the 2nd HD for backup?

  2. I actually wound up downloading a program from the Internet to recover the lost files. It program worked like a champ. I did use Partition Magic to set up the new portable drive I bought from Alex.

    I really like the new portable drive. I can now take it with me when I am in Panama City and it is just like having my PC. It just plugs into the USB port and requires no other power.

    As soon as I am satisfied that I have all the data recovered, I will reformat my second drive and I will use it to keep a backup also. I also pucked up another internal drive and will soon start rebuilding my Linux system.

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