Windows Blue Screen

My PC has been attacked by the Blue Screen Monster. It has corrupted my harddrive and I am having to rebuild my PC from scratch.

To make things worse, Windows XP has decided that my software is not legal and will not allow updates.

I am as close to dead in the water as I can be. Today, I will need to see Alex at INFOX and see if he can help me with the Windows XP authenication problem.

With luck, I will be back online in a couple of days.

3 thoughts on “Windows Blue Screen

  1. Don,

    All the more reason to get Linux up and running! 😉 I must confess that I have a copy of XP running in a VM (VMWare Server — free version).

  2. Tuxi – When I get this problem fixed, I will have my system backed up 6 ways to Sunday.

    Leena – I will get over there as soon as I get my crippled system going.

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