It Used To Be There

The other day I wrote up a small farmers market that is near my home. I mentioned then that there was a much larger one near Oteima. Well as you can see it isn’t there anymore. To make things worse, I talked to Melissa at INFOX and she said it had been gone for nearly a year. My how time flies when you are having fun.

I tell you, I can’t keep up with all the building that is going on here.

4 thoughts on “It Used To Be There

  1. I have a friend in the states, who is moving to Costa Rica. Hre comes to panama frequently and he said they were doing some work in the park. Did they cut down some of the trees? Anyhow now I know what he was talking about, thanks to chiriquichatter…….Thanks Don Ray

  2. No. The trees are there. They are just making the park prettier. There are photos of in on this blog.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

  3. Hi Don,
    Regarding “missing” farmer’s markets – when you were in the area of AcerComp and BAMVOL, did you happen to continue on Avenida Domingo Diaz toward the downtown core? At the intersection of Avenida Diaz and the ONLY marked one-way street in David is a cluster of fruit and veg stands that could possibly be described as a farmer’s market… they have been there about a year. Coincidence? Perhaps.

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