Bamvol S.A. Has A New Home

Linda, aka the David Shopping Diva, found Bamvol’s new home. To get there, turn onto Avenida Domingo Díaz from Calle Miguel Ángel Brenes (that is right by the Mitsubishi dealer) and drive to the next corner. You will see Acer Comp on the right side at the corner. Turn left and on your right is Bamvol. It appears to be a little smaller than the old location, but it also appeared that they might be adding more space in the rear.

2 thoughts on “Bamvol S.A. Has A New Home

  1. Hi, Don,
    So glad to have reclaimed my title of Shopping Diva. I hadn’t even noticed that BAMVOL was gone from their previous home – just thought the building exterior was getting a touch-up!

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