US Consular Outreach in David, Chiriqui Friday

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Dear Chiriqui Wardens:

I am writing to introduce myself as the new American Citizen Services (ACS) Officer and the Voting Assistance Officer (VAO) at the U.S. Embassy in Panama. I am pleased to inform you that I have scheduled, as my first Consular Outreach, a trip to David, Chiriqui, on July 28, 2006. The Foreign Service National Supervisor, Mayra Luaces, and I will be at the Hotel Nacional in David from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm on Friday, July 28th, and we need your help in getting the word out.

Please help us advertise this event to the U.S. citizens in Chiriqui. We will be providing the following services on Friday, July 28th, from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm:

1. Applications for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CROBA);*

2. Applications for U.S. passports;*

3. Notarial services*

4. Consular registration;

5. Voter registration procedures/absentee ballot requests

6. Drop off passports that have been received (Americans who have applied and are waiting to pick up their U.S. passports can e-mail us to arrange pick-up in David on July 28th)

* Please note that there are fees associated with these services and payment for these services will be accepted in cash only (no credit cards)

** No visa services will be provided.

This will be my first outreach to the interior of Panama and it would be a pleasure to meet you, if you are able to visit us in David. Thank you for your assistance, and thank you, as always, for the service you provide to the American community in Panama.


Michelle Javor

Vice Consul

Chief, American Citizens Services

Fees for Consular Services

Notarials: $30.00

Passports: First-time applicants or those not in possession of an undamaged, previously-issued passport, adults $97.00, children $82.00.

Passport renewal (when submitted with old passport), $67.00

Consular Report of Birth Abroad: $65.00

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