Chiriqui Tierra de Campeones

I stopped by the ballpark today and watched the teams work out. The last time I went to the park, I didn’t notice the billboard that has the prominent location directly in center field.

I am still trying to interpret this sign. It could be encouraging the batter to hit the ball toward the billboard catcher’s mitt and get a home run. It could be telling the base runner to be careful when sliding into home and to keep his head up. It could be telling the men in the stands that an Atlas beer will make any catcher look like this.

All I know is that if there had been catchers like this when I played baseball, I wouldn’t have given it up for basketball.

Back to the practice on the field. I watched for probably about an hour and a half as several different age groups went through their warm up exercises. Each age group was working out on different parts of the field.

Here are a couple photos of the main field workouts.

Beside these groups there was another group working out behind each of the right and left field bleachers. Panama takes baseball very seriously. One of the more famous professional players from Panama was Rod Carew who grew up in Gaton, Panama. I am sure that everyone I saw on the field today is hoping he can be another Rod Carew.

Watching their workout really wore me out. I had to trick my mind into thinking that when I got home the catcher on the billboard would be there, just so I had an incentive to make the hot walk home. She wasn’t, but it did make the walk take less time.

4 thoughts on “Chiriqui Tierra de Campeones

  1. I am a Colorado Rockies fan, which has been pretty thankless for the last few years. They recently called up a relief pitcher, Manuel Corpas, who was born in Panama City (I like to see Panamanians do well in the bigs since I live here part time). Corpas, 23, was tied for the Texas League lead in saves with 19 this year. He had a microscopic 0.98 ERA and had fanned 35 against four walks in 36 2/3 innings. He was promoted from AA to AAA earlier this year and then was called up to the Rockies a couple of weeks ago. He has good potential that I would like to see him live up to.

  2. I wonder what my Marketing teacher would say about the subliminal messages in that billboard!

    Thanks for the pictures!! I hadn’t see the Serracin field since I went there to a ball game in 1989!

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