Maybe You Could Do Me A Favor

I really appreciate your stopping by and spending a little of your precious time perusing Chiriqui Chatter. I hope sometimes you find something of value, sometimes something that makes you smile and sometimes something that makes you think.

Over the time I have been using the Internet for blogging I have gotten to know several other bloggers through their websites. Many I consider friends and when they are not posting I worry about them.

One such blogger is Omar whose blog is Epiac’s Place. Omar is a high school educator of business administration in both Spanish and English in Panama City. On July 1, Omar wrote a post apologizing for not posting lately. He normally would have a daily post on one of any number of subjects. Some were technical, some philosophical, and some humorous.

In his July 1 post he described a problem that had come upon him affecting his vision. Age wise Omar is a contemporary of mine and I consider him a good friend and blogging colleague. His post worries me, especially since he has not returned to the keyboard since July 1.

Now for the favor. If you wouldn’t mind, I would appreciate it if you would put in a good word with the MAN upstairs for Omar. Then if you have a little more time, you might go over to his blog and leave him a comment wishing him a quick recovery.


Don Ray

3 thoughts on “Maybe You Could Do Me A Favor

  1. Don, Will do. I don’t know when I looked here last but good to see your safe return home. Dick

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