Parque Omar in Panama City

One morning while I was in Panama City I walked over to Parque Omar which wasn’t too far from where I was staying. This is a really pretty park and I wish I could have taken more photos, but my photo trip was cut short due to too an overdose of ginger.

This is the entrance into the park.

There were plenty colorful flowers to create a nice walk.

The following four photos are an area that currently was being used for karate practice.

Here is some iron artwork.

The area to the left had a sign for aerobics. I saw the fruit stand and felt the urge to bring my photo session to and end.

I understand that the park has a 3 or 4-kilometer walking trail and I intend to take that walk on my next trip to Panama City.

If I had been there today, I could have taken a lot of photos of a celebration they were having in the park for El Día del Niño.

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