As I was returning home from my great meal, I noticed a store I hadn’t seen before in downtown David. If it isn’t new, it is new to me. I decided to stop and see what they had.

It looks like they specialize in clothes for the entire family. They also had some other things, but the majority was clothes.

I went up stair, which turns out to be for the young ones and I noticed something that was new to me. Several tables had birthday notices. Incase you forgot to buy any of the following kiddos a birthday gift it isn’t too late.

4 thoughts on “COSWAY In David

  1. Hey Don Ray,

    David Shopping Diva here – yes, Cosway is relatively new, having opened a couple of weeks back. The tables you showed for birthdays is new to me too, altho I have seen tables for wedding couples and baby showers. I think I’ll “register” for my next birthday…

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