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Internet Explorer or Coppermine Photo Album Problem?

I have had a reader report that he is unable to view the Chiriquí Chatter Photo album using Internet Explorer 6.0. I have IE 6.0 on this PC and it displays fine. On his PC no photo appears, just the verbage.

If you are reading this and your browser is Internet Explorer 6.0, would you mind clicking on the following link and seeing if the photos display on your PC?

I would like to know your results if it works or if it doesn’t work. If it doesn’t display photos, I would appreciate knowing the PC environment your are running under. Version of Windows, Version of Internet Explorer, etc.

Painful Process

Alex, at INFOX, was able to get in touch with Microsoft in Costa Rico for me and have Microsoft authentic my software so I could begin updating Windows XP with all the fixes. I had bought my Windows XP prior to SP1 or SP2 so it takes a long time to download all the fixes.

After that I will have to install my motherboard drivers and then I will be in position to see how much data I lost with my system failure. I am installing on a new 80 Gig hard drive. I put my old 40 Gig hard drive as a secondary drive. I have looked at the drive using Windows Explorer and most of my data files appear to be intact.

I did lose a large amount of photos. That is unfortunate. The worst part is that it looks like I am not going to be able to restore the most current Outlook data. I have most of it on my laptop that is being repaired in Panama City, but I quit using the laptop a year ago, so any changes made in the last year or emails received and sent in the last year are lost.

I may try to make one attempt to use partition Magic on my corrupt disk and see if it can recover any data. It looks like I have about 10 Gig more space on that drive than before so that is potentially how much I have lost. But some part of that will be on my laptop.

I am probably a day or so from being back on the air. I have ordered what I need to rebuild my Linux box and an external hard drive to be used for a formal backup process.

Windows Blue Screen

My PC has been attacked by the Blue Screen Monster. It has corrupted my harddrive and I am having to rebuild my PC from scratch.

To make things worse, Windows XP has decided that my software is not legal and will not allow updates.

I am as close to dead in the water as I can be. Today, I will need to see Alex at INFOX and see if he can help me with the Windows XP authenication problem.

With luck, I will be back online in a couple of days.

It Used To Be There

The other day I wrote up a small farmers market that is near my home. I mentioned then that there was a much larger one near Oteima. Well as you can see it isn’t there anymore. To make things worse, I talked to Melissa at INFOX and she said it had been gone for nearly a year. My how time flies when you are having fun.

I tell you, I can’t keep up with all the building that is going on here.

Need A Shine?

If you need a little break and you are near Parque Cervantes, then why not get your shoes shined. This is one bargain I have a hard time passing up. For a mere half dollar you can get a great shoeshine. I always stop at this stand, which is right by the church across from the park.

Acer Comp in David

Since the DSD had directed me to Bamvol by pointing out where Acer Comp was, I decided to take a gander at what they had to offer. Obviously this is a computer place and they had several PCs and peripherals. I was surprised to see that they had Windows XP home addition in English. They said they could order the professional version also.

It is always good to know another PC store. When you need something in a hurry, it may take several tries before you find what you are looking for. That is assuming you can even find it in David.

To get there, turn onto Avenida Domingo Díaz from Calle Miguel Ángel Brenes (that is right by the Mitsubishi dealer) and drive to the next corner.