Does Anyone Fly Kites Anymore?

I just watched a program on TV and two boys were out flying a kite. It made me think that I have not seen anyone fly a kite for a long time. Does anyone fly kites today?

This may be one of the lost arts that have died as the result of video games and the PC and the Internet. I wonder. I bet one of these days you won’t be able to tell someone to go fly a kite, because they wouldn’t know what you meant.

4 thoughts on “Does Anyone Fly Kites Anymore?

  1. Don, Lots of kites where we beach at the Outer Banks of North Carolina and some professionals on the Mall in DC all spring and summer. My 6 year old grandson and I will have one at the beach. Have a great day. Dick

  2. Yes, Don Ray, they do fly kites in Panama. We recently watched a family on a day-outing to Playa Las Lajas spend hours flying some pretty interesting looking kites, although it did appear that the kids (and a couple of the dads) enjoyed crashing them into the sand more than keeping them in the air.

    And, in Vancouver BC, almost every weekend at a place called Vanier Park, you’ll find many kite enthusiasts out showing off their skills.

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