Phishing Moves to Vishing

I have been meaning to write up something related to the many Phishing expeditions that have been hitting me lately related to PayPal. They have been pretty sophisticated and the sites look very official if you go to them.

But being a very well practiced in the art of putting things off, I just haven’t gotten around to it. Today on my rounds of some of my computer magazine reading, I noticed an article in PC Mag, titled “Security Watch: The Vish Are Biting”.

This article covers the PayPal emails I have been getting as well as a new form of phishing called vishing (phishing using voice and actual telephone numbers).

If you aren’t acquainted with the term phishing, you should read it before you act on emails telling you that you have an account of any kind that needs attention.

1 thought on “Phishing Moves to Vishing

  1. Don, I have seen a bunch of those PayPal emails also. You would think that the real PayPal would have the feds on these senders. Wait till the NY Times exposes what is being done with emails. Dick

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