Hotels/Hostals/B&B In David, Chiriqui

There have been so many questions lately in the Yahoo groups with questions about the hotels in David that I decided to take a long walk and take photos of the hotels. This post is to let you know that there will be an individual post for each hotel and possibly photos taken at the hotel or hotel brochures.

NOTE: I do not work for any of these hotels. Do not write me asking for room quotations or other information. Please contact the hotel!!!!!

NOTE: Verify all rates prior to check in. The rates quoted below and on the individual pages are a best effort by me to get rates and were current at the time of the individual posts. If you use one of the hotels or contact one of the hotels and the rates have changed, leave a comment so others will know.

I will use this entry to put a summary line of each hotel. More detail information will come with the individual hotel post. When the individual post is entered, I will put a connecting URL to the associated post via the hotel name below.

If you go to any of the hotels tell them that I sent my regards and that you read about them on Chiriqui Chatter. Also it would help others, if you do use one of these hotels to leave a comment about how you liked your stay on the appropriate hotel’s post

If there were any hotels that I didn’t put in this set of posts, then I probably wouldn’t have stayed there.


All the following include a private bath, hot water, cable TV, and many WIFI Internet (Verify Internet costs).

Hotel Alcala – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Castilla – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Ciudad de David – The grandest hotel in David.

Hotel Gran Nacional – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Iberia – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Iberia Sur – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Iris – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Residencial Obaldia – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Puerta Del Sol Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Los Rivera – Pet friendly! Call ahead for to insure they can accept yor pet. Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Madrid – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Occidental – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Panama Rey Is now International Hotel & Suites

Hotel Plaza Mirage – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Residencial Cervantes – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Residencial Chiriquí – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Residential Panamericano – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

Hotel Toledo – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.

International Hotel & Suites – Click on hotel name to see details on hotel.


Bed and Breakfast:

41 thoughts on “Hotels/Hostals/B&B In David, Chiriqui

  1. Wow – you were a man with a mission today! Very impressive!

    Wanted to ask – did any hotels other than the Panama Rey and Puerta del Sol have elevators?


  2. Hi Don,

    We really enjoy your blog and don’t miss any of your updates. With regards to the Hotels, we have stayed at the Castilla (no elevator), but good service, restaurant, and secure parking.

    We met a german fellow at the hotel that overlooks the park (Iris maybe?), where they always have 2 beers for a dollar. He was staying at the Pan-American hotel on the Highway and said the rooms were nice, clean and with air, for I believe $19.00 single. I could be wrong about the name, but it was something along those lines.

  3. Hi Don Ray,
    I am retired and living in Canada. I plan on moving to Panama sometime this year. I came across your site and found it helpful.
    I want to thank you for all the effort that you put into getting the information, to help others.
    Regards, Larry

  4. Hey Don,

    I am headed to Panama (Panama City then David) to see my mother’s side of the family for the first time and have been searching for some source of information on the hotels in the area for hours. Your posts have made things a heck of a lot easier for me. I probably won’t get a chance to meet you while i’m there due to my tight schedule, but I justed wanted to thank you for the ground work and time you’ve put in, giving us the info on lodging in the area. Hope to write a bit more while i’m there and to let you all know how the trip went and what experience I had in David.
    Chris P.

  5. Hi Chris. I am glad that you were assisted by the posts I did on the David Hotels. If it helps then it accomplished what I intended.

  6. Greetings,
    Your site is so very helpful, I’m hoping that you or one of your readers can help me find my uncle, who lives in David. I’d found him by chance while in Panama a couple of years ago. I visited him again about 6 months ago and he wasn’t very well. The phone #’s I have are not good. I was able to contact him from a David phone book listing under “L.Kirwan”. His name is Harold. We’d noticed a “se vende” sign on the house, and I’m hoping that they haven’t moved.
    If someone can send me a # from the David phone book I would be so very appreciative. Thanks in advance!

  7. Don Ray I have been a follower of your site for several months and find it to be the best source of useful information that I have found about the David area. Thanks for the information about David Hotels save me so much time and effort
    Thank you for your help it is apprechiated

  8. Thank you for the valuable information! Muchas gracias por tomar el tiempo y proporcionar informacion util que no se encuentra facilment. Muy agradecida estoy. Auri Eves

  9. Great work on the hotels.

    I will be visiting for a few days to do the Costa Rica tourista shuffle!

    I am looking for updated information on wireless internet access in hotel rooms.

    Do you know which hotels have wireless internet in the rooms so I can work from my laptop? Do you know the speed of the internet access in some of these hotels? Any info would be appreciated.

    Muchas gracias,

    San Jose, CR

  10. I know that Hotel Nacional has wireless, but it also charges an exorbitant rate to use it. I think I have heard that Hotel Iberia has wireless, but don’t know for sure. If there are others, I am not aware of it.

    TGI Fridays has Wireless and so does the bowling alley.

  11. Hi,

    There is a new hostel in David Panama, called bambu hostel. Dorm beds are $10 a night and privates with AC and bathroom in suite starting at $22. Stop by calle virgincita in San Mateo Abajo david city or fone 730-2961 area code for panama is 507..

    Greg the friendly owner cooks and plays guitar and goes out of his way to make you happy, for full disclosure i am mike his partner in this venture and i live in NYC..

  12. I am trying to contact my parents staying at the Alcala Hotel. When I call they speak spanish, and I don’t, can someone help me get a phone number at the hotel to someone speaking English who can give me a number directly to my parents?

  13. We stayed at the Casita Margarita in Pedasi and it was excellent. The people are very nice and helpful (with English). The room was fine and comfortable and the breakfast was excellent. There are several places to eat in Pedasi that were satisfactory.

  14. Just to let you know that I wish there was a site like this for every place we visit. Thanks for all your hard work and it is really helpful. Keep up the good work!

  15. Hi Don,
    Very pleased to have just found this site as I will be arriving in Panama tomorrow (from Denver). I am told that my permanent Pensionado Visa is finally ready and, if I get it this week, I will be up in David this weekend or next week to start looking for a home. Of course while looking, I will need to stay in a hotel.
    Thank you,

  16. Hi Don,
    I too appreciate your website and just found it!!! Plan on spending the winter
    in Panama, near David, if possible. I’d like to be on or near the beach. Any suggestions??


  17. There are really two beaches that are close to David. Las Olas is about 30 minutes away and has a hotel there. Las Lajas is about an hour away toward Panama City and is a more swimmable beach.

    Not really being a beach person, I don’t know much more than that. The beaches toward Panama City may be nicer, but the costs will be higher as well.

    Maybe some others will reply to your comment.

  18. Thanks Bjorn. It has been several years since I have been to Puerto Armuelles. When I was there I didn’t see much to make me want to go back and if I wanted to be in David often, it is a long way to drive.

    However foe an outing, it might be worth another try.

  19. hi me gustaria recibir informacion acerca de un hotel que estaban construyendocuando fui a panama hace dos anos lo staban construyendo en David Corregimiento de Chiriqui en la Interamericana, cualquiera informacion se la agradeceria.
    Gracias Ana

  20. Hi, Don Ray

    I am from Canada and through sheer luck discovered
    your site on David hotels and similar . Congratulations !

    Would you suggest ways to go about renting on a monthly basis
    small studios or 1-bedroom apts in David ?

    This would be a nice feature to add to your beloved site !


  21. We stayed at Hotel Castilla in David off and on for almost a month. they recognized our temporary pensionado visa ( or our jubilado status) and gave us a $38.50 per night rate during the week and slightly higher on weekends.

    The receptionists knew varying amounts of English, but all were polite and helpful. The rest of the staff and restarurant wait staff were also warm and welcoming. No elevator, but we were glad for the exercise. The facility is remarkably clean and well-maintained. We got several US stations on the cable tv, the wifi was fast and reliable, the air-conditioning and hot water in sink and showers was excellent. We enjoyed the hotel restaurant. The food was fresh, served promptly and just what we expected when we ordered it! The underground parking was secure, and the location just off the park means we were just steps from all the action in David. I would recommend this hotel to anyone!

  22. Hello Don, I will like a hotel at David or near, with swimming pool, not too expensive, for next sunday 25nov, witch one you recommend me ?

  23. Hi Don, we met while I was shopping in David and you handed my your card. I am from David, living in Southern Calif. and planning to return to my homeland for good soon.
    Thank you for providing so much information about my country/home town.
    Hope to see you in the near future.



  24. Verdaderamente ese hotel residencial Obaldia es lo máximo. Buena atención y las habitaciones siempre están limpias, aparte de que esta superficie económico.

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