David Hotel Toledo

This is my last stop for the day. Google Map for Hotel Toledo.

The lobby requires you to walk up a steep staircase. If you have trouble with stairs, this is not the place for you.

NOTE: Verify all rates prior to check in. The rates quoted below are a best effort by me to get rates.

The prices are $20.00 and $27.50.

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18 thoughts on “David Hotel Toledo

  1. Hi Don Ray,
    Finally had a chance to read through all hotel listings & thought I’d share our thoughts…

    The Toledo was the hotel we stayed in on our first trip to David. We found the rooms to be very clean and the staff was very friendly and helpful. The rooms are on the small-size with no place to sit other than the bed, but very cheerfully decorated. We did miss having a coffee maker in the room – we generally started our day a couple of hours before the restaurant opened.

    A good place to stay for a weary-traveller (who doesn’t have a problem with those steep stairs) – and very easy to find for those first timers to David.

  2. Hi Don Ray – we think you need an award for all of your helpful info. & insights. P.S. my husband Ken is now enjoying your site too! Hip hip hooray – have a super day!

  3. Hi! We are a group of students from Costa Rica that will be staying at the hotel in dec. We were wondering what do they serve for breakfast? Do you have any extra pictures?

  4. When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, I ended up staying here a lot. The staff are super nice, and they were always very accommodating. The manager was Cecelia back then. And they serve tipico food for breakfast.

  5. Hi Ray very nice blog with a lot of information about my sweet province. Im from Paso Canoas near to Costa Rica but living and working in Panama City

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for this useful site… Im a panamanian living in the city, and I found every info I needed for my next trip to Chiriqui.. thanks a lot!

  7. Thanks for your info. Stayed there with my wife 10/13-15. They are nice enough but I will never go there again. Restaurant closes at 8pm and is closed Sunday. Breakfast Monday morning was the worst I have ever been served in my travels, -2 Stars.

  8. Thanks for the info. We will be visiting panama this summer, surely use this for data purposes..

  9. Is it easy to identify a reputable cab company to get a cab from David airport to Hotel Toledo? Sounds like a 10 minute ride. What is approximate cost?

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