David Hotel Puerta Del Sol

Here is Hotel Puerta Del Sol. (507) 774-8422 reservas@hotelpuertadelsol.com.pa

NOTE: Verify all rates prior to check in. The rates quoted below are a best effort by me to get rates.

The prices here are $29.70 for a queen bed, $35.20 for 2 beds, and $40.80 with three beds. The internet is $1/30 minutes.

This is the lobby to Puerta Del Sol. By the way, this hotel has an excellent restaurant and the noon buffet is great.

For current rates and the hotel’s website, go HERE.

Here is the hotel’s email address. reservas@hotelpuertadelsol.com.pa

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69 thoughts on “David Hotel Puerta Del Sol

  1. Hi don Ray, it’s good to know someone helping trough the internet giving so many information to everybody. I just made a reservation at this hotel; we hope to go David city on December 19th. Just I need to ask you where is located?



  2. Hi Frtnando. Hotel Puerta del Son is one block from Parque Cervantes in down town. If you are at the park, you should be able to dee it. Everyone will know where it is. Good luck.

  3. Hi Don, Hope you are in good health. My wife and I will be in David on June 30th for a few days, hope we can together for lunch.
    Take care.

  4. Hola solo para saber si alguna de sus habitaciones tiene una ducha con tina o jacussi.??? y si hay que hacer una reservacion para alojarse dias antes de llegar al mismo

  5. Hi Don, my name is Yuri and I´m the bookings and marketing director at Hotel Puerta del Sol; first of all, let me thank you for all the help you have given us since you began this blog and gave us a space and, seeing how many answers you have, quite a lot of your time; second, I would like to let you know that we have a new website both in Spanish and English: http://www.hotelpuertadelsol.com.pa in which people can take a better look to our rooms, rates, facilities and services and that they can get better help and answers from our side if they send us a message to reservas@hotelpuertadelsol.com.pa which is also the bookings e mail.
    Thanks again from all of us at Hotel Puerta del Sol and hoping to meet you one of this days.

  6. Hi Don, Hope you and your Friend are in good health. We arrived back in Canada on Friday, after a long stop over at Newark Airport NJ. due at bad weather. I must say we had a good time in David, Volcan, Paso Ancho and Panama City. Our 5 days stay at the Hotel Puerta Del Sol was just SUPER GREAT. It was really nice meeting you and your friend and having lunch together. The dentist that you recommended was very good and also good for the pocket too. LOL.
    Keep up with the good work and many thanks.
    Thanks again,
    Lynton Lam

  7. hi Don Ray acabo de hacer la reserva de una minisuite en puerta de sol. En su página Web se ven muy lindas las habitaciones. Quisiera saber si el restaurante tiene buenos precios también o si alguien puede informarme mas de esto lo de los precios del restaurante. Quiero pasar 2 dias inolvidables ya que me voy a “reconciliar” y tal vez decidir ya a casarnos y quiero que todo sea perfecto! ja ja me pueden ayudar? gracias

  8. Hi, Don;
    Happy New Year…
    I’m planing to travel to David with my family on June for two weeks, then, I have to go to Guanacaste, Costa Rica for another week and my question is if there is any airline in David that I can use to fly over the airport of Liberia, Guanacaste in Costa Rica?, and if the Panamenians airlines flies from Florida, U.S.A. to the airport of David and back?
    Fully appreciated,
    Miguel pabon

  9. Hi! We recently returned from a 3-week visit to Panama. Spent a week in David and stayed at Hotel Puerta Del Sol. We happened to arrive shortly after the “water crisis” began in David so that problem made things much more interesting. The hotel couldn’t have done any more to care for us, their guests. They trucked water in and stored it in huge storage tanks so that we wouldn’t run out.

    In addition, there was usually one person on duty at the desk who could speak English. Even though we could communicate, it was nice to have a little assistance once in awhile.

    The meals in the hotel’s dining room were excellent – we looked forward to each day’s new menu. We loved the choices and with wine and a salad bar included it was a wonderful bargain at $5.60 per person.

    Even though we had made plans to move on to a different city, my husband would have been very content to spend all of our vacation right there in David !

  10. ok i need jops i work in tocumen panama so i wants to go back to bocas del toro for see my family so i need to work in david raight now for goin to study en scool this mi phone 66840640 my nickname is joshua capitain

  11. Buenas….. me gustaria saber los valores para una habitacion simple para una sola persona del 4 al 6 de dciembre del 2011 gracias

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