David Hotel Panama Rey

***UPDATE*** Hotel Panama Rey is under new management and being remodeled. Everything below no longer exists, but I am leaving it as I think the photos from the top floor are still nice.

Ok, we are now at Hotel Panama Rey.

Panama Rey Business Card

Here are a couple of the rooms.

NOTE: Verify all rates prior to check in. The rates quoted below are a best effort by me to get rates.

This nice lady assisted me with the prices, which are $22.00 for the basic. $24.00 for what they call a mini suite – it has an icebox, and $35 for suite+ it has a king-size bed and a Jacuzzi tub.

While I have never stayed in this hotel, I know the owners/operators very well. I have eaten many times at their next-door restaurant (Don Sui). These are some of the friendliest folks I have met here in David.

As I was getting ready to leave, I was asked if I would like to see David from the city’s highest point (the top of the hotel). We road the elevator to the top floor and got out. This floor is ready to be turned into two some of the best restaurants in David. The view is great.

Here are some photos from that elevation.

Here is a shot of the Volcán Barú.

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14 thoughts on “David Hotel Panama Rey

  1. It is about 2 blocks from the Cervantes Park, Pio Pio is on the previous block. It is the one way street by the park that has the church on it.

  2. We went to the hotel and looked at the mini suite and went to make a reservation. They said the rate was $35.00 and we said fine but we were Jubilado and the reservation was for a week night so we were entitled to a 50% discount. They then said they would give us the room for $27.00. When I questioned them they said the rate for that room was normally higher but they were giving us the “corporate” discount.I told them that you had listed the rate on your site as $35.00 and that I would tell you that you had the wrong rate posted so that they would not have any further problems from Jubilado Gringos who will think they are getting ripped off, and we would pay the $27.00 for the room. At that point he said that he did not want me to feel that I was being cheated and gave me the room at 50% off the $35.00 quoted rate.This was entirely in English by the way. It is this kind of thing that is really getting on a lot of peoples nerves. We ended up eating next door in the cafe for the first time but certainly not the last. The food was great,and we have recommended it to several friends, and hope to be abel to do the same for the hotel.If more places would have their rates or prices posted openly then at least you would know what you were dealing with.

  3. Sorry you had problems. Realize that I have no association with the hotel and posted what I posted just to give people an idea of what was in David. As far as I know, the error could be mine. I will send them an email and have them read the post and tell me if I need to change what I wrote.

    At least your mentioning you read it here helped, so I guess that is a good thing. I will tell you that jubilado rates are not always given on all rooms or during all times of the year in certain places. I don’t think that is the case here, but just so you don’t expect to receive 50% all the time everywhere. I know that I have heard that Decameron has special rules.

  4. Hey Pat Wall,
    Learn SPANISH, the official language is Spanish in this country is not English it’s SPANISH. I agree that the hotel should honor the pensionado benefits (whatever the stupid discount is).

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