David Hotel Occidental

Just around the corner from Hotel Iris is Hotel Occidental.

Here is the flyer from the hotel.

This nice lady helped me with all the information. They have Internet for $1/hour. The prices with and without breakfast is on the second part of the flyer.

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38 thoughts on “David Hotel Occidental

  1. Note that the second price includes a $6.00 per person chit for breakfast.

    There are several Internet cafés nearby for $0.50 per hour.

    Their rooms at the front of the hotel are very nice.

  2. Hello Don,

    It is great to see you have put such great efforts in helping fellow Americans find information online for Hotels in David. It is a shame thought that half the comments I have read are from people that only seem to criticize and take your efforts and Panamanians for granted. I nver knew people were so greedy, self-centered and rude. Funny how they come to a different country, are welcomed here, and only seem to complain about everything. There is a saying that says “Gringo go Home.”

    I’m sorry to vent, it is just very frustrating to read all these inconsiderate comments. Just because we are American doesn’t mean we are royalty here, infact, we are the immigrants. Start to respect the natives, they are valuable.

  3. Hi Marjorie,

    Some complaints are valid. Those can be helpful. Others are just complaints. I try to learn from the first and ignore the others.

    Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to leave a comment.

  4. Hola

    We are 4 adults, and we’ll need 1 or 2 rooms for tomorrow 13 of March. Would you have any availability ? Sorry for the short notice.


  5. Sorry but you need to contact the hotel and not this blog. I put the information here for informational purposes. The Hotel contact information is in the post.

  6. I just called to make a reservation and they say the price is $29 per nigh. Is this ‘normal’ for Panama? I called two other hotels in Panama City and when I want to make a reservation they are a grater price than what is on their web site…

  7. These prices were at the time of the original post which is now almost two years old. I haven’t gone by all hotels to see if the prices are current. That is why I recommend you asking prior to reserving so you don’t have any surprises.

  8. Hi..just found your site..planning a visit to David and area in November 2008..looking for vacation/investment property and some R/R…any great ideas for beachfront places to stay?

  9. Hola,

    Estoy interesada en contactar con ustedes el telefono en esta pagina, no funciona, estare de vacaciones en la primera semana de Abril 2009, favor informarme el costo en Dollar por noche y personas y si ustedes estan ubicado en las inmediaciones de la catedral San Jose de David.


  10. I do not recommend Hotel Occidental. The service was poor, unfriendly staff and the rooms are just rooms. Imagine yourself in the middle of taking a shower, the water is gone, you’re all soapy, there’s not phones and no one to ask for help. Their excuse was a major damage in the city pipes and they didn’t have an emergency tank to cover the hotel capacity. It was a very bad experience. Something positive is the Multi Cafe down below.

  11. Hola, necesito una cotizaciòn con el precio por persona por noche con desayuno incluido para cuatro personas. Sería para el sabàdo 4 y domingo 5 de diciembre

  12. Don Ray thank you so much for taking the time to post. Information like this is sooooo helpful and please dont get discouraged by all the crazies, they know not what they do:-)

  13. Hola Ray.

    Soy panameña y me complace informarle que los últimos precios del Hote Continental son $31.90 por dos personas y $1.50 p/p para el desayuno. No conozco el Hotel todavía, pero me lo han recomendado para una corta estadía. Espero nos vaya bien. Le comento después como nos fue.
    Gracias por informar al mundo sobrel nuestro bello Panamá.

  14. Hola Buenos dias me gustaria si alguien me puede dar el telefono de el hotel occidental ya que e visto que esta muy bien calidad precio GRACIAS

  15. Buenos dias, soy de Costa Rica, voy del 15 de marzo 2013 al 17 marzo 2013, deseo saber el precio de la habitacion x noche y como hago para reservar.

  16. We have been staying at this hotel for over 8 years now. As an American, I will tell you, if you are not use to Panamanian ways or looking for a 5 star hotel, go somewhere else. This is not the place for you. We love it here though. It is clean, comfortable, a great balcony, the restaurant downstairs is awesome and the people who work there will go out of their way to help with anything and everything. Love the maids, they are awesome. It is close to the park across the street and it is authentically charming, in its own way. So, I suggest if you are looking for the Hilton, Marriott type hotel, do not stay here, this hotel has it’s own charm and it is not what you are looking for. Thanks. Don I think I know you from Panama City???

  17. Hi Marianne. I have been to Panama City, but I avoid it if I can and your name doesn’t ring a bell. Maybe you have confused me with Don Winner. I hate when that happens. 🙂

  18. Never had a problem confusing Don Ray and Don Winner. Although both wear cowboy boots, the horses**t on Don Ray’s boots is on the outside…
    (where’s that tongue-in-cheek icon?)

  19. Hola Como me puedo contactar con este hotel es que los numeros de teléfono están malos Gracias

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